Military Employees Reveal The Most Paranormal Thing They've Encountered During Their Service


War. War never changes. But what we don't know about war is that the ghosts of war apparently follow you around. Soldiers are haunted their entire lives, but our definition of haunted just got a little bit larger.

u/anonymouscarbonunit asked:

People in the US Military: What's the creepiest/most paranormal thing you have encountered during your service?

Here were some of the answers.


US Navy photographer here. In the deepest parts of the ocean, you will often steam past small boats that are empty or seemingly empty. Sometimes they look like they got loose and no one looked for them. Sometimes they looked disgusting like someone lived in them until they couldn't. Sometimes it's obvious someone is still in them but they haven't moved for weeks...


Identified Driving Objects

Creepy at first. Ended in a face palm. I was a young sergeant in 2006 stationed at Ft Bliss. Right outside of Ft Bliss was a training area that was near Biggs Airfield. We were gaurding some equipment overnight so the company wouldn't have to stay. It was me and one private. I told him he would take shifts patrolling and since we were allowed to have cars out there the other would nap in his car. I woke up to my soldier knocking on my window in a complete panic. It scared me at first.

Private: "Sergeant! Wake up, there's UFOs out here!"

Me: "What?"

Private points in the direction and sure as shit I see these lights that seemed like they were floating around and then disappearing. Took me a moment as I had just woken up.

"That's the Franklin mountain range. You're looking at the cars driving on the scenic route..."

The cars would be visible and then disappear when they went around the corner of a turn only to appear again when they came back around. I was very agitated at first but the next day it was by far the funniest experience I had in the military.



I was working the night shift in an old SCIF that was originally built back in the 50's. I was starting to feel sleepy so I went for a walk to wake myself up and ended up getting lost in the maze of underground tunnels, finding myself in a part of the complex that obviously hadn't been used in decades. Everything looked like it was just left there and forgotten one day, eerily frozen in time.

I was extremely tired and stressed out from work and that really didn't help me to be able to rationally retrace my steps. Everything around me seemed like something was hiding in the shadows and watching me.

It took a long time, but I finally made it back to my position and didn't tell anyone what happened. Luckily it was the night shift and no one noticed I was gone.

A year later we got a new guy, and in the middle of the night shift he got up and went for a walk. A couple of hours later he came back looking like he'd seen a ghost. I just gave him a knowing nod, and he knew I knew exactly what he just went through.


Banshee Night

We wrote it off as some of the instructors messing with us but while training at the Jungle Warfare Training Center in Okinawa, Japan, there was a blood curdling scream in the middle of the night. Definitely sounded like a woman. The Lt in charge made us do a quick accountability check then he started radioing the training center to see what the hell happened. The instructors went out from their compound, did some checks but didn't find anything. They said it's not the first time they had units out there calling in to report the same thing.


A Ravishing Night, A Vanishing Dude

Is a dude vanishing spooky enough? I was on one rooftop on post with another marine and on the building next to mine was a dude smoking a cigarette. I looked to my partner to mention it but when we looked again he was gone. The roof access door for that building was very rusty and loud so there's no way he snuck out in those few seconds it took to get my partners attention.


A Dream Of Time Gone By

I was by myself in the Engine Room of a submarine on the midwatch, just a newly reported sailor trying to find equipment so I could display knowledge to one of the watchstanders.

There are a number of bays in Engine Room Lower Level with narrow passages that pass through the center. I came down one of the ladders, and I swore I saw someone walk across the ship about fifteen feet in front of me. I could hear his footsteps as he walked around a corner and out of sight.

Three problems: 1. He was wearing utilities, an older, light blue blouse and dark navy slacks. Nobody had utilities anymore. They had been phased out three years earlier. 2. There was only one other person awake in the Engine Room that late at night, and he was standing at the top of the ladder behind me, waiting for me to come back up with an answer to his question. 3. He wasn't actually there.

I wrote it off as sleep deprivation, but I'll admit it shook me for a while.

Fast forward to four months later, I had gone out to sea with another submarine of the same type. While I was there, I met a sailor who had previously served on my ship. After a few weeks of standing watch with him, he told me a story of a sailor who had committed suicide while on watch when he served on my ship almost a decade earlier. In Engine Room Lower Level. In his utilities.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on my face. I'm sure it was the definition of disbelief.


A Luring Spirit

As a Marine, I used to have the graveyard patrol shift at the Beirut Bombing Memorial. Part of the memorial is dedicated to a veteran's cemetery. Oddly enough I never got freaked out being completely alone in a remote cemetery, in the middle of the night, surrounded by dense woods on all sides. It was actually kind of peaceful, to be honest.

However, one night I was patrolling near the perimeter fence where some of the oldest headstones are, when I heard the sound of a woman humming. I followed the sound and noticed a light glowing through the vines and brush of a large tree. As I approached, I could literally feel my hair beginning to lift as if there was an electric current in the air.

I pushed aside the brush and what I saw nearly took my breath away. It was an old, weathered headstone with a large cross etched into the marble. Only the cross was glowing a bright, vivid blue, like a neon bulb. The humming was also suddenly much louder and had a weird plurality to it, like it was coming from hundreds of voices at once.

Needless to say, I freaked the f*ck out. I screamed like a scared little girl and sprinted back to the parking lot. I radioed the guard who was supposed to relieve me and forced him to come early, then spent the rest of my shift in the cab of his truck. I don't think he believed me, but he stayed in his truck and didn't go out on patrol until the sun was fully up.

A few days later, I worked up the nerve to return to the grave (during the day, of course). As I suspected, in the light of day it was a completely mundane headstone. There was no name, only the aforementioned cross. I ran my hands over the stone and checked to see if maybe there was some sort of hidden light source or solar panel, but no, it was just plain, solid, unremarkable stone. The humming was gone, too.

I eventually returned to my normal shift, but never again experienced anything out of the ordinary. I never learned whose grave that was, either, but I find myself thinking about it from time to time. It certainly sounds absurd when I say it out loud, and I suppose it could have been a hallucination or a trick of my tired brain, but I don't believe it was. I think it was real; a ghost or spirit of some sort, but I don't think it was malevolent at all.



A friend of mine went to Afghanistan and got stationed in an area that was used as a base by the Soviets. He swears that sometimes when he was on sentry duty he could hear whispers that didn't sound like English or the local languages. He's convinced he heard Russian.


This is my dad's story. After he was done in Vietnam he soon stationed at an air force base in Greenland. They had bad blizzards often there and when they came through the base shut down and every section of the barracks would take role call. These blizzards are intense. There were cables running between all the buildings you attached to your person with a carabener so if there was a sudden white out you didn't get lost and die. They had people die literally 20 meters from shelter because they got lost in bad weather and froze.

He said for about 5 months every time they locked down for weather they would hear horrendous screaming outside. Everyone was accounted for so they didn't risk sending anyone out to investigate. They wrote it off as an animal. However, every time this was heard, the engine room would be wrecked. Tools everywhere, paperwork all over the floor, tables and tool boxes knocked over, even one time a several thousand pound jet engine had been lifted from it's work bench crane thing and smashed almost 30 feet away.

The hangars and engine room had cameras covering ever single possible entrance with spot lights that made them clear even in a white out. No animals, no people, no anything was ever seen entering or leaving those buildings. Then one day it just stopped.

This was not something they just shrugged at. It cost a lot of money and threw a wrench in at least one surveillance routine which caused a lot of brass from the DOD and the CIA to breath fire down the base commander's neck. This facility, beyond military function, served as a base for a lot of civilian research as well. There was a full investigation using all manner of scientists, engineers, and specialists. They came up with no satisfactory explanation for what was happening.

I do not believe in the paranormal nor did my father. This is the only spooky type story he has from 22 years in the service. No one knows what happened. It was very strange in ever way. Hundreds of people wrote reports and documented this, it wasnt just some grease monkeys scratching their heads and randomly guessing.

That said, I spoke to my mom. She told me a couple things I missed.

After one of these occasions the U2 in the shop had all it's electronics turned on. Many of the systems in this plane were special built for this air frame and this particular crew's mission. These systems were complex and archaic. Very few people knew how to operate this machinery and the only ones on base that could were two engineers and it's crew. It wasnt a simple matter of hitting power buttons and flipping switches from off to on.

Another time three barrels of hydraulic fluid vanished and were never found.

They doubted the screaming noise was wind because it came in short, irregular, bursts and winds never produced those sounds again. They theorized it was a polar bear but, if it was, it's coincidental timing was extremely uncanny.

Lastly control picked up a bunch of weird interference and anomalous readings that, again, had the uncanny timing of happening only when this was going on. They were never able to reproduce these errors in a controlled manner.

The screaming was thought to be a polar bear or something. The radar glitches were thought to be due to moisture but left no obvious signs. The barrels were most likely the result of an inventory error. Etc, etc, etc.

However, even with this all in mind, the chances of all these events coming together, in this manner, by sheer coincidence, is astronomical. So no one was willing to say anything with certainty, thus no satisfactory answer and writing it off as an act of god.

It's creepy, it's bizarre, but it's not supernatural and the answer isn't simply "it's the wind!".


The Speed Of Light

This happened during a rotation at the National Training Center sometime in 2015. A battle was occurring at night, a light appeared in the sky and for ten minutes or so there was silence. This may not seem too interesting until you look at the numbers and statistics, you're looking at massive amounts of people and equipment during a rotation, constant radio chatter, vehicle noise, people talking, etc. and suddenly just nothing... then the light seemed to make a couple strange turns, one being around 90 degrees, and split and disappear.


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