Life goes by in an instant. I was told that constantly as I wasted every second of my youth.

Ok, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic, but I wish I had listened to wisdom from my elders more.

Life does fly by, and everyone should be prepared for it.

One of the ways to get the most out of the best years, is to live it up with smarts.

If only there was a handbook to be given out in our teenage years.

There's an idea! *note to self...*

Redditorjcab0219 asked:

"Redditors age 35+, what’s the best piece of life advice you can give to someone in their 20’s?"

Smile and dance more.

And don't get tangled up in unrequited love.

Hard truth...


Listen to your body...

"Wear your sunscreen! Or more broadly, take care of you. Your skin, your teeth, your joints, your sexual health, etc. Invest in yourself for the long haul." ~ Wildflower_Daydream

"Find some exercise that you enjoy doing. And don't forget about stretching! I cannot stress this enough." ~ cellar9

"Stretch before and after exercise/sports. Listen to your body - pushing through pain in your 20s haunts you in your 30s. Exercise regularly, try to keep your weight within a healthy range. Shoes with arch & ankle support!" ~ Wildflower_Daydream

Fund Issues

"Pay extra money for quality items that separate you from the ground like shoes, mattresses (including sheets, pillows, blankets) tires, couches, lounge chairs, etc). Also, protect your hearing because you can’t ever get it back." ~ seedemployee

"Start planning for retirement as soon as possible. The later you wait to start, the longer you will have to work." ~ seedcolobus

Brush Up!

"Take care of your teeth. They’re expensive as hell to fix." ~ TinkTink3


Be Smart

"Make a savings account of some kind RIGHT NOW, don't take anything out of it, only add to it. If you're gonna have the kind of sex that can result in pregnancy, be diligent about your birth control. Condoms, the pill, whatever - pulling out isn't good enough. Don't accidentally get pregnant or accidentally get someone pregnant."

"When drinking, learn your limits with people you trust and then don't make a habit of going past them. Don't leave your drink unattended in public places. Remember that you don't have to drink if you don't want to, and not wanting to is a good enough reason to avoid booze." ~ I_DRINK_ANARCHY

Teeth. The teeth!!

And our bodies.

They give out fast, if we let them.

So don't let them!

So Much to Learn

"Skip tobacco completely. Invest a small amount weekly or monthly with out fail. You have many investment opportunities with little or no road blocks than ever before. Never stop learning. Make friends and network as much as possible but cut your losses on toxic people. Learn to play an instrument. Take care of your body and teeth. Too many pieces to pick just one." ~ Chadchungus_Cajones

Spend a Little...

"Never go cheap on items that separate you from the ground. Especially mattresses. Remember that you sleep about 1/3 of your life. If you become say 90 you will have slept for 30 years!!! Imagine that on a crappy mattress." ~ Muisvleer



"Be prepared for eventualities. Have some funds stashed away at home that no one but you knows about. When you need it, banks might not be open, atms, etc. Bad weather can knock all that out. Same with food/water. Stop watching/reading the mainstream news. You’ll feel better mentally. Just... stop. This planet’s been through stuff 1000x worse than the latest scarce-story."

"It’s never too late to get into better physical shape. Ever. It does you good in all sorts of ways. Be wary of the latest trends. Don’t be a weathervane that blows in the wind. Learn as much as you can about stuff you’re interested in. This may well lead to a new/much better job or career." ~ SqueakyTheCat

Educate Yourself

"Don’t go to college unless you are going for law, medicine, teaching, engineering, etc something lucrative and that your loans can be written off or you can pay them off in under 5 years." ~ lexiezazzles


Walk Away

"You don’t deserve to be treated like crap by the people who are supposed to love you, and it’s okay to walk away from a toxic situation that is affecting your own quality of life." ~ BlackCaaaaat

"Learned this one the hard way. Sometimes walking away is the best thing for your health, even if the person is family." ~ jcab0219

Critical Thinking

"Think about children carefully. Children with special needs can happen to anyone, and parenting is forever. Try not to chase happiness. As lame as it may seem, happiness isn’t about having what you want, but wanting what you have. Be grateful for what you have." ~ shaylahbaylaboo

Don't be Tardy

"It's never too late, but if you spend your life telling yourself it's too late then it eventually will be." ~ Quzzyz


That is a ton of great advice.

So let's start adhering to it.

What could it hurt?

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