Michael B. Jordan's Epic Photo Chilling With Beyoncé And Jay-Z Is Total #SquadGoals
Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for SBIFF; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Parkwood Entertainment; @Queen_Soul01/Twitter

When you're one of the biggest stars in the world, you celebrate your birthday in style.

Michael B. Jordan not only celebrated stylishly, but with the company of Queen Bey and Jay-Z.

The 32-year-old actor had a massive shindig at Delilah in West Hollywood last Friday.

The videos of the event were shared to an Instagram Story by Jordan's friend Terrance J.

The videos were saved and re-shared by fan accounts.

Use the arrow on the left of the below Instagram post to scroll through the videos.

The party's guest list was a star studded affair with big names like Drake, Zendaya and Amber Rose.

But it was Beyoncé and Jay-z who stole the night.

Bey was decked out in a stunning white jacket and skirt, accessorized with stylish glasses.

She was serving some looks.

However we have to remember it was Jordan's big night.

The star is having a stellar year.

He received the Cinema Vanguard Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival last week. His production company signed a 'first look' deal with Warner Brothers for future projects.

And as an anime fan himself, Jordan has got to be excited to voice a character in the anime-like series gen:LOCK.

Let's wish the star a happy birthday!

Jordan has been fending off rumors he's been tapped to play Superman since Henry Cavill stepped down from the role.

He claims he has not, but would love to play Calvin Ellis, an alternate version of Superman who is also the President of the United States.

A heroic character might be good for the actor, as he recently revealed he had to go to therapy after portraying Erik Killmonger in 2018's Black Panther.

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