Men Share The Unwritten 'Bro Code' Rules


Men are such a mystery. For one thing, the idea of a "bro code" is lowkey kind of foreign to us women and nonbinary folk, and the fact that it's unspoken amongst men makes it even more so. Well, now the bros are revealing all on Reddit, and we got the best of the best unwritten bro code rules right here.

u/champjas000 asked: Guys of reddit, what is an unwritten rule of being a guy?

A good rule.

If a friend buys you a drink you don't pay it back you just buy the next round.


A friend used to take me out to a bar a couple times a week, we'd pretty much just take turns paying for the night's tab. I probably picked up more tabs, but we worked together and I knew he was hideously underpaid, so I wasn't too upset. A bro has your back.




When you enter a men's restroom which has three or more urinals, you must follow the rule of maximum distance, which is to first populate a urinal on either far end, and then populate urinals with additional men keeping the maximum distance between populated urinals.


Makes sense.

If you're on a public urinal, just look at the wall directly in front of you. Don't risk a side look of any kind in this moment.


I thought I saw a quarter by your foot.



When you strap something down you're required to tug on the straps and say "yeah that's not going anywhere".


Similarly, tap the cooking/grill tongs together to make sure they're working.


Alcohol is always a form of payment.

When in a social setting like a bar or club or whatever if your friend brings a girl to hangout with the group, don't give them sh*t about it. A subpar looking dude becomes very attractive when the girl sees how his friends treat him and inevitably more women will see this and want to be a part.

Alcohol is a form of currency. (Small edit: If your friend doesn't drink for whatever reason get them their favorite ice cream or food in return for favors)

Back up your friend always, even if he's an idiot because he is your idiot.

Friends help friends move, as stated alcohol is the form of payment.

Ex girlfriends are always off limits unless previously talked about and given the go-ahead.


Common decency.


When borrowing someone else's car/truck/bike/gas powered vehicle, you ALWAYS return that vehicle with either:

A - A FULL Tank of Gas.

B - At least the amount of gas that it held when you took it - unless it was already nearly empty then return it with at least a 1/2 tank of gas.



If you're a good guy, be nice to other good guys.


True. Many dudes are d*cks and are out to actively seek confrontation so if you meet a dude who also just isn't interested in that you respect it.


Didn't know this.


Your balls are gonna stick to your leg at some point, and you gotta do that one long step, one wide step, and you're good, and no other guy is going to ask you why you did that.


'Sup brah.

Nod up for homie, nod down for stranger.


Nodding up for a stranger means fight.


God bless Home Depot.

Never return anything to Home Depot. You will probably need it someday.


And this, is why I have a few extra n95 masks. Perfect for the impending Armageddon. Thanks Home Depot!


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