Men Divulge Their Best 'Guy Tips' That Every Man Should Know

Men are sort of raised to fumble their way through society, since they're taught some things, like appearance and hygiene, are for more effeminate people. While this is a lie, some parts of our society fully perpetuate that.

In reaction, men who have suffered the unfortunate consequences of not taking their hygiene, appearance, or health seriously are stepping up to help other men. It's time that they broke down these societal barriers.

Redditor u/Scotti__ asked:

"Males of reddit, what are some 'guy tips' you think every man should know?"

Here were some of those answers.

Please Be Clean

"If there's even a chance you will bring a date home with you, tidy up. Dust, vacuum, mop, fold your clothes, wash your sheets (at least once a week whether you have a date or not), make your bed, clean your bathroom - including scrubbing the toilet. "

"I have heard enough stories from my friends that are women that I know doing this alone instantly puts you in the top 20%."-Diet_Coke

Nom Nom Nom

"Learn how to cook a couple of basic, healthy, tasty meals for 2 people. I'm talking some baked chicken breasts with some kind of carrot and potato sides or something like that."

"Nothing fancy. There's a good chance that one or more of these scenarios will apply to you at some point in life:

  • No one else is around to cook for you.
  • You have to cut down on the fast food/dining out/takeout for health reasons.
  • You have to cut down on the fast food/dining out/takeout for financial reasons.
  • Your partner or family expects you to do your fair share around the house."

"In any or all of those scenarios, being able to confidently say 'I can cook us a nice meal tonight,' is the right answer. The equipment required is basic and cheap."

"The ingredients are cheap. Just watch a couple of youtube videos and practice a couple of times. A cheap instant read thermometer is like $10 on amazon and it will tell you exactly when the chicken is cooked properly. It's not rocket science."-physedka

A Nice Way To Smell

"Jumping in here to say you should spray cologne/perfume on your pulse points as the body heat diffuses the scent."

"Don't rub it in, it ruins some notes and it can actually be bad for your skin over time. Less is more guys (and girls) no one wants to smell someone who smells like someone Axe-bombed a high school locker room."-sendnoodles2748

These basic tips can really change things for guys.

Take Care Of Your Hair, Okrr?

"Assuming you're not going to be clean shaven, take care of your facial hair. Trim it regularly—your facial hair isn't always even when you grow it."

"Wash it thoroughly—you don't want acne and other skin conditions underneath all that. Having hair that traps all the dust and oil make it harder to manage."

"It sounds really obvious, but when you're like me with a dad who shaves regularly, turns out I have absolutely zero knowledge on how to take care of my facial hair and it sucks so much a**."-Bragior

Keep It Mobile

"Gently stretch and cooldown after exercise. A few mins of Gentle movement after sitting for more than an hour. Exercises that increase hip mobility."

"Having tight hips immobilizes big movement muscles (like glutes) and recruits stabilizer muscles and tendons (it band, piriformis, etc) which will eventually tighten up and tug on your knees."

"Enough of this tension in the tendons and connectors around your knee and you basically have a trip wire waiting for you to step or move or lift wrong. And then you're in denial because how can your hurt you knee swimming?"-jubileevdebs

A Man Can Recognize Another Man Being Attractive

"Don't be afraid to compliment your fellow men. You'd be surprised the difference a compliment to your bro can make. If your bro is looking good, nice hair, shoes, outfit, whatever. Let them know."

"Some people never get compliments and it can improve their day or week."-The-Busby

Talk To Women Like They're People? Novel Concept

"I've been giving my 16 year old son tips on how to talk to women. I'm teaching him to ask open ended questions ; what movies do you like, what books, what music.. Ask what they like the most about them while keeping them in mind."

"With that information, go watch the movie or read the book. Next time you chat you can thank them for introducing you to new forms of entertainment and you understand why she likes them so much. Bang! You're in!"-InterestingRadish400

Men really need to learn how to function in the world with these skills.

Sage Advice, Honestly

"While the wild/caveman look can work for some guys, that is not an excuse to disregard personal grooming/hygiene."

"You still need to be clean, to brush/trim your beard, to wear clothes that fit, to put on deodorant. Rugged is a good look, unkempt is not."-Notmiefault

Keep Yourself Held High

"Know the worth of a person, including yourself. If you're willing to walk over glass for someone who can't return a text, you're belittling yourself."

"If you can't be bothered to acknowledge someone whose turned their world upside-down for you, well, you're just being an a**hole."

"It goes both ways, people."-Drnknnmd

Your Friends Need Attention Too

"When you first start dating someone don't shuffle your friends aside even if you want to spend every minute with them - don't."

"Part of the reason he/she was probably attracted to you in the first place was that you had a good social circle of people that loved you."

"If you brush them aside, you risk losing their attraction, and weakening some of the bonds you had with friends. I've seen it happen too much, and this is how guys usually end up overbearing to their partners and expect them to fulfill every need they have."

"In extreme cases, it can end up in suicide when they break up with you, and you are now alone and have no other social support network besides them to get you through the breakup."-DismalDisplay6

Despite what society says, these things are really important for your mental and physical health, and these tips should be taken to heart.

Remember that you are basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions. Treat yourself accordingly.

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