Men Reveal The Wildest Thing They Incorrectly Believed About Women's Anatomy


I mean, it shouldn't be such a huge mystery, but most men go their entire lives without ever learning about women and how they take care of themselves. Well now, men who have realized their mistakes are speaking up.

u/bnasage asked:

Men of Reddit: what is the most incorrect thing you ever previously believed about women's anatomy?

Here were some of the answers.

Strange Information

Not me, my ex. One time he was coming on to me, but I wasn't in the mood. He said something like "liar, I can see you're turned on." I had no idea what he was talking about, until he said "your nipples are hard." It was then that I had to explain to him that I was just cold, and that a woman's nipples weren't like mini boners that only got hard when they were aroused. He didn't seem to believe me.


The Mole

When I was in about 5th grade I didn't know how girls peed. This one girl in my class had very short shorts on and she had a mole high up on her inner thigh that kind of looked like a nipple and I had seen an older woman at the beach with a similar mole in the same spot. So naturally I assumed all girls had that mole and that they peed from there.


The Birds And The Birds

When I was a young kid (six or seven years old maybe) I was told sex involved the rubbing together of a man and a woman's genitalia, and it happened strictly for the purpose of procreation.

But the kicker is that I didn't know that female genitalia was even a thing at that point in my life. So I had this image in my head of a man and a woman rubbing together in a hospital examination room while a doctor watches. Disturbing.

So yeah. That definitely didn't cause lasting psychological problems.


At Least You Know Now

When I was around 7 or 8 I told my mom and my sister that I knew where babies came from. I had overheard my sisters friends talking about it (they were around 12) and they said something along the lines of the guy has to stick his thing in "there" but I could not fathom that there were female genitals and though that girls just had nothing. So I told my mom and my sister that the guy sticks his wiener in the girls butt and that's how they get pregnant. Also for bonus I once kicked my sister right in the crotch and when she yelled in pain I said "that can't hurt you, there's nothing there!" In retrospect I was a real POS little brother.



When I was in grade 9 my girlfriend at the time said that a girl's period stops when she's wet (like in a bathtub or swimming for example), but I took this as a blanket statement that a girl's period stop when they get water on them. Like if they're walking in the rain or get splashed with water.


Medical Insight

After seeing over 100 vaginas as a medical student in my Ob/Gyn rotation, I've learned a lot! The biggest thing was how variable women's anatomy can be!

I know people's anatomy varies person by person, but I was not expecting the range of differences. For example, some vaginas are much deeper than others and difficult to find the cervix when performing a speculum exam for a pap smear. Others are very shallow.

Above all, I'm very thankful to all of the patients who were nice enough to let a male medical student examine them in order to learn more about women's health.


The Reverse

This is really embarrassing.

But I thought our babies umbilical cord was connected to my wife's belly button. Needless to say when I opened my mouth about this fact, I was met with blank stares and laughter.

I'm 26.


They Tried

I'm a woman with a vagina and I still didn't know that a vagina existed until I was 12 or 13. Thanks education system.


I don't think I learned the exact layout of my "downstairs mix-up" until college. Before then I just figured the poop is more in the back and some stuff happens in the front. Everything works when I need it to work, so why bother looking into the matter...


When I was like 7 or 8, I remember being super bewildered that there was a hole down there. It's not obvious unless you go trying to insert something, so the first time I went poking around I was really grossed out. Learning of a previously-unknown route of entry to my innards was disconcerting.



I remember i was 10ish and still didn't realize that women had different body proportions, namely hips/butt shapes. Like, i thought women's and men's jeans were interchangeable. I also found it weird that women's jeans went up to their belly button. Before, i thought women's bodies were mostly just shorter men with boobs and genitals swapped.



So this is something I heard from my parents while they were watching the first two seasons of "Game of Thrones:"

"What is the deal with all the butt sex in this show? It's like every scene has it?"

I was confused, because I didn't remember any of those scenes. But I did see a lot of scenes where men were taking women from behind....

And then it hit me how extremely vanilla my parents sex life must be if, at 67 years old.

And no, no I did not enjoy that realization at all.


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