Men have feelings too. Men have #Metoo moments as well. And often, those moments are ignored. And that may be controversial to say but it has to be said. Men deal with sexism on the daily and it matters.

Redditor u/Owenn04 wanted men to speak up and help us understand.... Men of Reddit. What is the most "this is sexist" moment you have experienced?

Just being a Dad!


Walking with my daughter through the neighborhood while she rides her bike, rides ahead of me, etc.

Some crazy woman runs out into the street, and demands that I "STOP following that child!"

Kinda my job, dumba**! Not yours! Its_In_Belgium

Poopie Time. 

Taking my kid to the bathroom at a restaurant to change his diaper, only to find that there is only a changing table in the women's bathroom. ddk317

Sorry we're Sexist! 

For my first job I worked at a women's clothing store. Only male member of staff in the entire shop. Saw a lady deciding between two dresses, so I came over and politely asked if she wanted a hand or an opinion. "Yes, fetch me another one of your colleagues, you're a guy, you'll be useless." "No problem, one second" I'll never forget it. A similar experience happened around two years later. Was looking for summer work, worked into a small little women's clothing store, spoke to the manager about a job. She just replied "Sorry, we don't hire guys." I do understand why, I'm not stupid. But it doesn't stop it from being sexist. Mintyboy4

A bit of Pain. 

"Men. They can't even tolerant a little pain"

That was what a female pharmacist told my friend when he was desperately in need of pain killers because he had shingles and a nerve that he said was hurting him like it was on fire. HonchoMinerva

Underwear Scare.


Reading women's magazines. People are so quick to point out how sexist men's mags are but have you ever picked up a woman's mag?

Not only do they constantly put other women down for their looks or for being promiscuous etc but they're FULL of stories/features calling all men stupid and useless. They also call all men shallow then post idealistic ideas of what makes a man 'hot.'

I even saw one that was asking people to send in photos of their hot boyfriends IN THEIR UNDERWEAR. Can you imagine the outcry if a men's mag asked for photos of hot girlfriends in their underwear potentially without their permission? Why is it any more acceptable to do the same to your boyfriend? It's a violation of privacy and the rights to his own body and how anybody could ever think that is okay is beyond me.

I hate sexism on both sides. There's never going to be equality and fairness if people are out there showing the same disrespect that they're supposed to be fighting against. Jake-Dorian


We had a short Wiffleball league at work. The guy organizing it had different rules for men and women.

For example, women would walk two bases instead of one. Also, they would be required to use the wider bat.

A young lady on my team signed up. When she was told which bat to use, she said "f**k that" and picked up the other one. All of the different team captains unanimously voted to have the rules the same for everyone, so the organizer got overruled. Sylvaen1024

She started it! 

Playing a football game, girl comes and grabs the a**es of all the men on the field including mine, execute grab.exe, take her to the side of the field, everyone is laughing and clapping. I looked at the girl (who I knew from girl's football) and jokingly said "Don't worry, I'll do the same at your next game," gave her a wink.

End of the game her father approached me (with a crowd behind him) and started to try and fight me while I was in my equipment. I stop him and told him it was a joke meanwhile the crowd shouts and throws crap at me like chip bags and stuff.

I ended up having to defend myself against 3 parents (who were obese so it wasn't hard to avoid any punches) while my team mates restrained others. Never again. AbyssCat1

Ready for PE...

The way we were graded for PE. We have a test for PE once every year were you need to run back and forth across the room within a certain time limit. Said time limit would get shorter and shorter in levels, while you still need to run the same distance. You would get graded on your level (you'd get a 6.0 for reaching level 6 for instance). The test tested you on your stamina most of all. But, our PE teacher would reduce the score for boys by 1. So if a girl reached level 7, they'd get a 7.0. If a boy reached the same level, they'd get a 6.0.

So a girl who barely broke a sweat getting to level 8 and thinking to herself "That's good enough, I think I'll quit here." would get an 8.0. On the other hand, a friend of mine who was pretty fat and also has a pretty bad case of asthma, he'd just about reach level 4, giving it everything he got and gasping for air afterwards. He got a 3. Luckily, the next year, I got a new PE teacher who would grade you on your performance as well as your effort and he graded everyone on their own terms. Dutchlander13

The Fight. 

My stepfather had to pay his ex-wife ~3000 euros at the highest point a month. Their children were adults, moved out. He had leukemia. His ex-wife just didn't want to work.

He fought it like hell. It was 28 euros a month at last. But he had to fight it like hell, which is ridiculous. User_Nomi

Need a Plus one....


Two friends and I (all 25 year old guys, working full time with good references) were looking for a flat, and were told by a property rental company that because we weren't flatting with a girl, they wouldn't rent us one. Helbrich

Mike Hurts Too. 

I am the only guy on my team. All of the women who I work with consistently talk about how men are fundamentally "babies" who struggle to work through hard things.

Example: "Mike (her husband) got three tumors removed yesterday and he's all moaning and wincing and telling me about how it hurts. It's like I always say, men are just the biggest babies..." - This was an actual conversation my coworker had with me yesterday. leakyaquitard

The Girl Line. 

Oh damn have I got the post for you. Back in grade 5 I had a teacher who would:

  • Give all the male students female names, and refuse to call them by their actual names (myself included)
  • Make everyone stand in the "girl line" (which was the only line mind you).

That kinda stuff really messes you up, especially since we were so young and impressionable. Ironically enough she went on to work at a all boys school, so idk how that turned out. TheDecoGecko

That Blinking Light.


Expecting men to know how to fix things, including electrical devices. I know nothing about it. _FTR

But it's P.E! 

When it's boys vs girls in P.E. and the teachers give the guys ridiculous handicaps so the girls could win. Ztank99

When I was younger I went to a sports camp and we would play soccer and other sports. You would get points based off your gender and age. Example: 6 and under +7 7-8 +6 9-10 +5 Etc. I think 16+ was 1 point because the camp was for any ages and C.I.Ts could play

You also would get +5 points if you were a girl.

So the older kids would carry these little 6 year old girls on their back and pin down the goal keeper so they could score and give then 12 points. And this is for soccer, like wtf. Owenn04

Closing Time. 

Working in a bar here. During the close, one thing not to forget : Trashes out, and furnitures in. I'm 1m75 for 59kg, clearly not the strongest human, and I also have a heart condition, that doesn't allow me to weigh heavy charges. Nonetheless, if I'm closing with a woman, she'll never have to do any of the lifting chores, because she's a woman. And when I explicitly say that it is sexist, managers and staffs just mock me, cry baby like. And DAMN, yes you're a woman, but you are a bartender just like I am, divide the work, as a team, especially when everyone where I work is or taller, or fatter than me, if not both. Balrow

Damn Booty Shorts...

My field is 85% women, so most rules are made in their favor. Two summers ago the A/C went out and we had to open windows just to get some air moving. It was nearly 80 F inside the building. Women started coming in with deep-cut tops, tank-tops, and short dresses/shorts but nothing was said. The guy I sat next to agreed that the next day we should be allowed to come in and wear t-shirts/shorts. So we show up the next day wearing clean, plain tees and clean, plain khaki shorts. We were immediately reprimanded and told that we were only allowed to wear polos/khaki pants. The rest of the week we were miserable and sweating profusely. We were even told to put away some standing fans we brought because they were "distracting." Jyadel

More Than Muscle. 

Working in a hospital and and being male sucks. We're basically used as mules. We get assigned or called to assist all the heavy patients because we have "man muscles" as they like to put it. We constantly have to do extra work lifting and repositioning almost all patients as if we can't injure our backs. GtotheA

Mr. Dad! Thank You!


Being a stay at home dad, everyone just assumes you're a lazy piece of crap. But a stay at home mom is like, God's gift to humanity. That's damn aggravating. angrydeuce


Hiring somebody solely because they're a woman and the workforce "needs to be diverse." I'm not against hiring women, I actually really want women to succeed. I just think that it's wrong to hire someone ONLY because they have breasts and no ding-aling down under. Hire people because they're qualified and able to do the job; whether it's a man, woman, hispanic, African-American... whatever. Hire them for their skills, not their skin color or gender. FreshPrince711

Real People. 

Since forever i always hate the "boys don't cry" crap.

It's basically like everyone poops, everyone cries. MZGTY


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