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Compliments can make a whole person's day, sometimes their life. The right words in the right moment at the right time can shift the emotional balance of a person. Remember, it doesn't cost anything to be nice, as these men will attest.

Reddit user, u/entremediopod, wanted to hear about the coolest compliment when they asked:

Men of Reddit: what compliment do you most like hearing?

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I usually prefer when they compliment something I've achieved myself: "I can see you have been working out", "Nice clothes, you are really stylish"... etc, than stuff I have no control of, like my hair, the colour of my eyes etc.


A Regular Sam Elliott Over Here


Over a decade ago I was playing COD4 with some buddies in team death match.

There was a guy chatting with us and he was trying to tell our usernames apart by our voices and he asks "Who's the one with the deep voice" and all my friends call out my username.

I know it's not a compliment and it's f-cking weird but sh-t if that didn't make my day and it has stuck with me all these years.


Hearing It Every Day

My wife often says my presence bring her comfort and safety.

That pretty much makes me feel good


Once Earned, Never Regained

You're a good man. And I trust you.


Pushing Others To Do Better

The last compliment I received was circa 2017 when an older woman told me that my getting in shape was a big inspiration for her.

I guess I'll go with that.



A girl told me once that I have beautiful eyes.

I have the most generic brown eyes possible.

It left a deep mark on my soul.


The Ultimate Compliment

"You respect women better than anyone"


That's the best. A girl who I worked with years ago gave me the ultimate. "I love how you love women." It made me feel like I was doing something right.


Practical And Helpful

"Thanks - that was really useful."

Nothing makes me feel better than being noticed for being skilled and helpful.


All That "Hard" Work Paid Off


"Beer bellies are such a turn on."


A Father To Remember

You're a good father.


If that's the compliment you really really want, you're gonna work for it. And if you're working for that compliment, you're probably a great father.


What's the nicest thing you've ever been told? Share it with us!

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