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Boys won't always necessarily be boys.

While the classic male machismo image seems to be going the way of the 1980s muscle car and Atari gaming consoles, preconceived notions of what it takes to make a man linger still. Mostly, these false idealogies hang around in the dark corners of the internet where certain men need to have serious discussions about what it takes to make an "alpha."

Fortuantely, ertain aspects of the internet are there to shine a positive light on what's true and what's not.

Reddit user, u/keepitlowkeyyy, wanted to hear what everyone's been getting wrong about guys for ages when they asked:

Men of Reddit, what's a 100% myth about men?

Men and emotions aren't supposed to go together, right? One of the leftovers from decades of societal pressure to be "strong" and "tough" has actually proven to be harmful to those forming emotions.

We Worry About It, Too

"That men don't have body-image issues. Every man I know, from middle school to middle age, has issues with their body. Maybe he's convinced he's not tall enough. Maybe it's his weight. Maybe he thinks his dick is too small. Maybe he hates his body hair."

"Yet, for some reason, society at large seems to think that men who are worried about some aspect of their body are either 1) nonexistent or 2) whiny little b-tches."

"Body image and insecurity is not solely the purview of women. To make it worse, there are so many wonderful movements to help women move past their insecurities. We have ad campaigns like Dove's "True Beauty" campaign, which showed off women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors."

"Men, on the other hand, are quite often told by other men that we need to shut the f-ck up. I don't see the same support by men for men that I see by women for women."


SPOILER: Not As Tough As You Think

"That we all like to fight… f-ck that. 35 yo and never threw a punch."


"It's not that I've never wanted to punch someone, but I've never been willing to take a punch to the face. And I'm not one of those fools that think they're gonna knockout someone with one shot."


We Want To Feel Something

"That we're all emotionless or emotionally inaccessible. Also that we don't cry to express suffering."


"I wish i could cry man."

"I can only cry in full private when absolutely no one can hear or see me. I don't like that it is that way. It makes me feel like i'm not capable of showing how i feel, which sucks a--."


When it comes to men and the handling of their, um, "equipment," turns out it's not as easy to grasp as you might think...

No pun intended.

Just Point It Down

"Men can urinate with an erection, it's simply more difficult."

"An ex of mine thought it was physically impossible."


"Angle is huge as well. If you're aiming for your toilet, you essentially have to hunch over as if your forehead is about to hit the wall in order to make it into the bowl"


The Splitstream

"Female friends often times say that peeing is easier as men. Let me introduce to you the Split Stream. Shoots twice as much, one aiming at Narnia the other towards Neverland"


Big Socks?

"Height or feet size correspond with penis size. Sorry friends, everything is a mixed bag. Be pleasantly surprised is the key."


"You know what they say about a guy with hands and big feet? He's a clown."


A Gust Of Wind Can Trigger It

"That we get erections on purpose. 90% of the time we dont mean to and we have almost no control over it"


"An erection you dont want is extremely uncomfortable and highly unwelcome"


Sex is a tricky topic. A lot of what people think of men's sexual interests come from media and incorrect assumptions, because as it turns out men have a lot of opinions on sex.

Too Much Thought

"Men think about sex every six seconds."

"Think about the sheer logistics of it. Ten times a minute. 600 times an hour. 9,600 times a waking day."

"Ain't nobody got time for that."


"I don't even think of something every six seconds."


Not As Much Talking As You Might Think

"That we share sex stories with each other. My friends and I have never gone beyond confirming that the act took place. In my experience, women are more likely to drastically over share private information."


"Exactly this. My experience is that if someone says they hooked up with someone then the other person asks if they had sex. Then the conversation goes one of two ways..."

"If yes: the response is normally "nice"

"If no: the response is normally "oh" (not really good or bad, just "oh")"

"Conversation always switches to something else directly after either response. Makes me wonder how much woman share though...."


"100% my wife refuses to believe that my best friend and I don't talk about our sex lives. We talk about important stuff like, UFOs and "somethings off about this season of Rick and Morty"


Not All The Same Preferences

"That we're all sexually monolithic. I've had women try things with me during sex, where I said "don't do that, I don't like it," only to have her respond "what do you mean? All men like that."

"But I don't like it."

Her, blankly staring, "but ALL men like it..."


The rules to be a "man" might differ from person to person, but a few simple truths can hold true. Be honest. Help a friend or family member in need. Be open.

Actually all good decrees for everyone to follow.

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