Men Are Sharing Advice With Other Men On How To Stand Up To Misogyny And Predatory Behavior When They Witness It


In the ongoing modern day conversations about misogyny and sexism, we more often hear about predatory behavior directed at women by men. However, men have an important role to play to in ending discriminatory and harassing behavior, and many are stepping up.

On Saturday, @emrazz asked men on Twitter to name an occasion in which they stood up to other men in their lives who exhibited misogynistic behavior.

There's this guy who reminded his father that women and girl's bodies aren't inherently sexual.

There was this astute advice.

Sometimes a physical barrier helps.

Some men need reminders that catcalling is predatory.

There was this man who understood the ways transphobia and misogyny interact to create the monster that is transmisogyny.

This man understood that sometimes talking through a behavior is helpful.

Unfortunately this behavior isn't unique to a certain kind of man or profession.

Some men have stepped up to be wing-men.

Sometimes being a wing-man is subtle.

Sometimes it's not.

Sometimes teachers have to find teachable moments.

And finally, there was this man who helped educate his boss about work-place double standards.

It's important for men to be allies in this fight and say something to other men when they're being inappropriate. If you don't know how to start the conversation, The Guy's Guide to Feminism"The Guy's Guide to Feminism by Michael Kimmel and Michael Kaufman is a great way to start.

More of this in 2019, please.

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