Guys Ask Questions They've Always Been Afraid To Ask Other Men


Hey Bro can I ask you something?

Gentlemen, why so bashful? How else are we to learn things in life if we aren't curious and refuse to ask questions? What is the point of best friends and bromances if you can't divulge secrets and discuss life? Men carry around unnecessary fear and it can be crippling. Have a beer, and chat away.

Redditor u/Geraltthegrey wanted all the guys out there to let loose and have a chat about what's on their minds by asking.... Men of Reddit, what questions have you always wanted to ask other men?

Towards Heaven...

Let's say you're standing naked with an erection. Does your penis point up to the sky or is it parallel to the ground? I have a skyward sword but I don't know if everyone's stuff point the same way. nojbro

Parallel to the ground. Kushman257

Shiver Me Timbers.... 

Anyone else shiver a bit sometimes when they pee? Augustane

Yes. As soon as I start peeing, I can feel the shiver coming. S3ERFRY333

Y'all ever accidentally roast yourself so bad you had to sit down and think about it? kingwombat12

I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror but idk what it was I just had a completely different perception of me as a person in that moment. Like I hadn't ever seen myself before and then, out loud, I said "what an ugly motherf***er" and went on with my day. LHtherower

Why frustrate yourself?

Why strip clubs? What's the point of going to a place where you can't have sex with the girls? Sounds like a way of getting super frustrated.

Edit: I should have disclosed that I don't drink alcohol so strip clubs being an alternative to a bar doesn't make sense to me either. conquer69

Where is the Love?

If I don't like going out drinking or partying, what's the best way to find a date? bustead

Do something you like but in a way so that other people are involved. When you meet a girl you like you will already have something in common and to talk about. Mr-ThePlague

I recently started making board game parties. Always invited some friends and encouraged them to invite more people. For now it has been successful enough to find me a date. Relationship didn't last long, but hey! It's something 😁

I think any way to meet new people should work at the end. hit07


Do you shave your butt? If so, how? Chabays

Sit down on the shower floor,back to the wall, stream hitting Uranus, lather up, spread them legs and cheeks, and shave one stroke at a time.

Source: went to boarding school. 100GT100

Wet Floor Troubles....

Have you ever peed in morning half asleep in the slit between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat and had to clean the floor afterwards? I sit down at home to pee and this has happened to me more than I'd like to admit. Sucks big time. Chrislybaer

Look at Mr. Clean! 

Are there any older balding men who can shed light on what its like to date when bald/balding? Im not there yet, but i will be in 10 years. I feel like the best course of action is go scorched earth and shave it off when i get a bald spot, but what are your experiences? brwonmagikk

37 here. Balding since I was 18. At about 25, this guy I was working with (shaved bald), who was about my age now, was just like "What are you doing up here? There's nothing going on and you look like a 45 year old in denial. I bet if you shaved that thing down to the skin, you'd look like a bad a**. I know I look like a bad a** when I shave. Come on, we're going to see the barber."

And so I did... And it was shaved. I never looked back.

As far as dating, some were into it, others were not. Same with any other part of dating. The important thing though, is that taking that step to be bald, and own it, shows confidence and security. That's an awesome thing for other people to notice. Dating or otherwise.

My suggestion. Try shaving it. See how you look and how you feel. FromMyFingers


Anyone else have penis anxiety? I straight up can't use urinals or get changed in locker rooms. Not cause I don't want people to see my lil' man, but rather cause my lil' man often stands at attention involuntarily whenever he's out for people to see. I don't understand guys who can hang around with other people naked. Investigator_Magee

Knowledge is Power! 

I will be having my first prostate exam soon. What's the best way to prep for the Doc's sake? Tanukichan67

Doctor here. We don't mind. Basic hygiene is a plus. jaZoo

Well it's important you're comfortable with your doctor. Plan ahead when selecting and pay particular attention to the hands. Imagine just showing up the morning of your prostate exam to meet the doctor and realizing in the middle of the handshake that you're holding a fist full of bratwurst. Up2Here

Tastes Like Chicken? 

You guys don't taste your own semen, right?

I had a drunk tinder date call me once with her friends and grill me hard on my own opinion on what my semen tastes like. They actually got argumentative when I told them it's not a rite of passage that they seem to think. Every guy I bring it up to us like "no, that's gross" but now I have to assume some kind of bias.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it, just that I don't think it's anywhere as common as some women think, and I'd like anonymous confirmation.

Edit: I'm getting a lot more "yes" than "no."

No Chance Gents! 

Catcalling.... why? Are you shooting for that 1 in a billion chance that they will respond or just like making people uncomfortable? uReallyShouldTrustMe

I've confronted a couple of men over this, and they all responded by saying they didn't see anything wrong with it. They were just giving a compliment, and that the girl were "being b***hes." Make of that what you will. MagnusO9

I got this....


When you're walking down the street do you ever size up a guy walking towards you and mentally start thinking to yourself "I reckon I could take him?" And then start fantasizing about how you would do it if crap went down like if he suddenly tries to mug you/attacks someone else and you step in and you step in and give him a serious beat down? Geraltthegrey

Nip, nip here... nip, nip there....

How erogenous are your nipples? I don't remember anything sexy about my nipples for most of my life, but they seem to have come alive in middle age. It almost feels like there is a direct nerve that connects the nips to the penis. A tongue feels better on the nipples than on any of the other erogenous zones, including the penis. I don't really mind. It does not seem to have come at any cost. Anyone else feel this way? Male this discovery late in life? 2oosra

Real Men have feelings....

Why are you so unwilling to share your emotions with people you love? Every girl I've dated has been amazed by how open I am, and I consider myself pretty closed off.

Edit: Y'all know I'm a man, right? Lot of these comments seem to imply I don't know what it's like to be a man, and my penis would like to object to the implications. Closer67

Finding Love!

How do you guys know the perfect timing to ask a girl out? I've always had trouble with this. If I ask her out too soon she doesn't really know me that much, if I wait I get friendzoned. Any tips? notreallysrs

Try to see yourself from her shoes, if you were in her place would you find it weird if a guy you knew for X amount of time asked you out? There's also the logic of, just go for it and if you get shot down, learn from your mistake and next time handle it differently.

And lastly, imo there's no "perfect timing." Try to imagine the hottest, kindest, sweetest girl you can think of, just walked up to you, talked to you for 10 mins and asked you out.

Would you say no? 10Dante4

Gay Means Happy! 

What is up with the intense fear of even coming off as even the slightest bit gay? I hear the hypothetical questions of "would you give oral sex to a dude for 10 million dollars?" Yeah I would, that's a good chunk of change and if used wisely can set you up for life. "But then you have to live with the fact that you gave oral sex to a dude!" People lose sleep at night for FAR worse things.

This isn't just young dudes asking this question either, I've heard men as old as 50 ask these kinds of questions. Bobthechampion

A Change is gonna Come... 

Serious question. Why do married men always tell single men that they are going to change when they get married? Or that the wife is the boss? Etc etc. I have been told so many times that I'm going to change when I have a serious relationship. (Currently 25) Jamesbondinator

The main factor is probably whether or not they have a child after they get married. If they do have one or more kids then yes they and the dynamic of their relationship will certainly change. If they don't have a kid then they'll probably just stay the same by have more time and money to hang out and do cool stuff together/with friends. Geraltthegrey

Keep Growing....


Are you a grower or a shower? Team Grower all the way! CoryWithAnE

This is Weird.... 

Am I the only one that feels urinals are incredibly awkward. I never use them, cubicles are far better. How are people just ok with pulling out their penis in front of other men. browncoattrumpeter


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