People Explain Which Childhood Meals They Now Realize Were F**ked Up
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Oh the things we've all eaten.

Sometimes I look back on the day when my stomach was adventurous and I'm stunned at my stupidity.

Or I'm shocked by the adults who were around me.

But even into my 20s things didn't get better.

How we get through life with what we're willing to consume... it's a miracle.

Redditor MawedUpScribble wanted to chat about the questionable menus we've been fed or eaten by choice.

They asked:

"What did you eat as a kid that you now realize was really f*cked up?"

Fun Dip! Anyone we remember Fun Dip?! Flavored sugar consumed on a sugar stick. Yeah that sounds smart. LOL. I LOVED IT!

From the Bottle

Luke Drinking GIF by Australian SurvivorGiphy

"Not me, but my best friend used to eat bullion cubes and drink worcestershire sauce straight from the bottle. (Haha, every single reply assumed my friend is a man. This was a twelve year old girl.)"



"When I was a kid, I did anything my dog did, including eating grass. One day I realized the grass I ate was also the spot where he peed."


"Dog pee on a blade of grass once, versus chewed gum spat onto public sidewalks from the mouths of strangers with God knows what diseases multiple times? I'm not gonna pretend that either is appealing, but I think a single experience with dog piss grass is less awful than multiple wads of stranger gum."



"Horse biscuits. They were green, rather hard and delicious. There was nothing on the packet to say they were not suitable for human consumption, and all the ingredients sounded innocuous. So my best friend and I had a test nibble whilst feeding our horses. After that I regularly pinched a biscuit. Very yummy. And no ill effects."



"My sister and I when we were too young to be left alone in the kitchen decided to 'cook' and make something. We took grapenuts cereal, sugar, peanut butter and cola and mixed it up. We thought it was the best thing ever. Today clearly i think the idea is disgusting but I can still remember how it tasted. I also remember eating saltine crackers with sliced of 'government cheese' melted in it in the microwave for lunch often because we were poor but I liked it."



mug sip GIF by Steven KraanGiphy

"I remember when my buddy was broke, he'd get a bunch of coffee creamers, ketchup packs and crackers from the condiment bar of a cafeteria and make tomato soup in a mug."


That last one made me ill. I need a minute.


baby fail GIFGiphy

"I used to eat frozen concentrated orange juice out of the container with a spoon."



"One time my dad made a 'pizza' with unseasoned tomato paste and sliced hotdogs."


"A friend growing up was Korean and his parents would make us 'hot dog soup' which was just hot dogs sliced up into a spicy pepper soup base, maybe gochujang. To be fair, it was pretty tasty, as a young kid."


The Bell

"Taco Bell hot sauce packets. Not on or with anything, just a straight shot of hot sauce. Like 10-20 of them in a row sometimes."


"There was a guy like a year ago or so, who was snowed in his car for 5 days and he survived on nothing but taco bell sauce packets."


"My high school job was Taco Bell in Southern Oregon. For a while there was a .39 burrito day. Each time we had this special a 'very large man' would order 20 burritos with red sauce and 20 burritos with green sauce. He would sit and eat all 40 burritos and downed a hot sauce packet with each burrito. RIP that dude, no way he’s still alive."


White Stuff

"I would routinely grab a handful of fresh, powdery white snow then head to the curb of my street and slop a big glop of slushy, grey, gritty, curb slush right on top and eat it like a cupcake. Tasted nice and salty. I was probably between the ages of 6 and 8 when I did this."


Straight Up Raw

Awkward Oops GIF by I Can’t Believe It’s Not ButterGiphy

"I had two favourite snacks as a kid. Butter straight out of the tub or onions. Raw onion."


Not much choice...

"Ketchup sandwiches."


"I had a friend who ate ketchup sandwiches. Other kids would make fun of him for it. But his family was poor and he didn't have much choice. He grew up to be one of the hardest working guys I've ever known. House has enough food in it to survive a zombie apocalypse. Because he doesn't want his kids to ever worry about their next meal."


Tough Times

"This isn't what you were probably expecting but my siblings and I basically grew up on game meat. My parents were starring down the barrel of some really dark times so my dad bought some game tags every year and we ate elk and dear every day for six years. It was one of those situations where the fact that my brother and I could fish everyday without getting a ticket meant that our dad sent us fishing every day since we were 6."

"We eventually pulled through and there were times there was something other than whatever we caught, shot, or trapped, but in hindsight it really put into perspective just how fucking hard times got for us."


Love it Today

“'Cheesy peas' were one of my favorites. It was just plain green peas with a slice of melted American cheese stirred in. I didn’t realize it was just one of many struggle meals my parents fed us until I mentioned it to friends later and they were all completely aghast. I'd still eat it today though."


Eat Anything

Dog Ate My Homework School GIF by Guava JuiceGiphy

"I ate a fist sized ball of Saran Wrap when I was 12. I also ate construction paper and would label them different flavors."



"We would get a short little cup, pour in a mound of sugar, and dip strawberries in. Usually there was a little sugar left over and we would wet our finger, stick it in, and suck on sugar straight. Well. One day after sucking on strawberries and sugar I went down into the basement."

"I noticed a little mound of white sugar crystals to the side of the top stair! I wet my finger, stuck it in, and sucked on it. INSTANT REGRET. so I poked my head out of the basement and said 'HEY this sugar tastes gross!!' And my parents had me drink lots of orange juice."


Earth's Menu



"My mom did this as a kid, and also ate the walls which were made of dirt. The smell of moist earth was delicious to her. She told us this while laughing. I was like, mom... you were suffering from malnutrition."


"I ate dirt, grass, and other such stuff as a kid. I also had pinworms once, however I don't get sick very often and I think it's cuz I built my immunity up by doing such things as a child."



Excited Winnie The Pooh GIFGiphy

"Bread, butter, and sugar. I thought it was a treat. Turns out we were broke."



"My mom was an addict and on weekend I was at her house she would regularly disappear for hours. Sometimes she’d not have electricity. Sometimes no gas. Almost always little to no food. One time I was starving and the only option was super stale Apple Jacks and half and half. She also had mice, so I try not to think about what else was in that box. 30 years later, I still can’t eat Apple Jacks."


Make better diet choices. Our bodies are going to seek revenge!

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