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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is highly regarded for his delicious plates, his ability to run a solid restaurant, and, let's face it, his stage presence.

He's also a foul-mouthed Brit who is all too willing to dismantle people's self-esteems and compare them to livestock animals.

Alas, as watching all reality television goes, we love to see the crashing and burning.

But what if the shoe was on the other foot? What if you were the one being torn into by the sailor of all chefs, Mr. Gordon Ramsay.

Wondering what horrible dishes were lurking in unknown kitchens all over the place, Redditor FalloutSl*t413 asked:

"What's something you made that was 100% delicious but Gordon Ramsay would slap you for anyway?"

Some people talked about those purely functional meals that are just perfect for piling on enough protein and calories to get through the day.

Spewing Lava

"My mom used to make us 'Volcanoes.' Mashed potatoes topped with ground beef with some ketchup. I still tear it up to this day."

-- usernamerefused

Quick and Easy

"I make weeknight 'enchiladas.' "

"You stick frozen taquitos in a casserole dish and cover them with canned or frozen chili and cheese. Bake them until everything's hot, serve with a dollop of sour cream. They sound disgusting but they taste amazing, and they take like, five minutes to prep."

-- MuppetManiac

Human-Cat Food

"I know it looks like, smells like, and probably tastes like cat food but potted meat sandwiches. Look, when you're poor as hell and you can make 3 sandwiches with one little can that cost like 20 cents, it's pretty good."

"While I'm at it, Treet and bologna are pretty great. I have the taste palette of a raccoon and I like it that way."

-- wildboywifey


"When I was younger I would make this thing where it was a patty melded of:"

- "spinach"
- "a can of tuna"
- "two eggs
- "cheese"

"And I would eat that almost daily, pan-fried, for lunch. Just slap me now and lets get it over with."

-- Corvacayne

Others shared the recipes they make to feel fancy despite being totally trashy.

A Nuanced Process

"I call them 'chicken puffs.' Some par-cooked chicken (white or dark meat, either works) with sauteed serrano peppers and onions and garlic."

"All wrapped in crescent roll dough in little balls (a bit smaller than a baseball), put in a casserole tray filled juuuuust above the top of the little dough balls with cream of roasted chicken soup. Baked to completion/safety."

"Overly indulgent and delicious."

-- Dangercakes13

A Famous Side

"I consistently make a box of pastaroni angel hair and herbs as a side with meals I prepare for people. EVERYONE always asks for the recipe LOL please don't tell my secret"

-- keepitweirdpodcast

Just a Couple Additions

" 'Fancy Ramen' Ramen made normal. Don't mix seasoning. Drain water. Add Mayo. Then mix in seasoning. And Volia. A lot of people question it. Until they try it."

-- RachelMay6

Others outlined the things they eat that combine some ingredients it may seem disgusting to mix together.

Throw An Egg On There

"Fu** it lasagna, alternating layers of bread and shredded cheese (your choice which, I use cheddar) then crack an egg on top and put it in the microwave. Old depression meal, but it still holds up."

-- FadingFuture197

Hard to Wrap Your Head Around

"As a kid I would eat a banana with a cheese slice. Haven't tried it in years but it might hold up" -- Send_it_to_me

"Let's not" -- Sea-Entertainer-4974

Little Zing

"When I was younger I would make toast with peanut butter on it, then add pepperoni. Delicious then but I cringe thinking about trying it today"

-- extrahardrock

The truly horrifying thing? There are so many more recipes out there that would leave Ramsay trembling.

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