Following Senator John McCain's death on Saturday, August 25, news outlets across the nation put out memorial segments honoring the life of one of America's most towering political figures. This included Fox News, which is famously the favorite network of Donald Trump and his supporters due to its consistently and unfailingly favorable coverage of his Presidency.

Many conservatives, a great deal of whom one could assume to be Trump supporters, began leaving hateful comments on John McCain's Fox News memorial segment. Before long, the problem became so extreme, Fox was forced to disable the comment section.

It's no secret that President Trump and Senator McCain weren't very fond of each other, with Trump actively questioning McCain's status as a war hero during his campaign, and McCain making it clear before his death he did not want the President at his funeral. It seems the President's supporters took notice of this animosity and began decrying McCain as a "traitor" and "evil."

Before the comments were disabled, one video collected nearly 3,500 comments. On one, the first, from LenardMiller205, read:

McCain was a traitor!

Others, like BlackSix expressed similar sentiments:

Not a hero. He's a TRAITOR. Big difference.

Oldster13 commented:

I'm sorry, but I can't celebrate the life of a man who has done so much evil. He is burning in Hell right now, and receiving the due payment for his evil deeds.

Commenter PromotesFreedom sounded off:

Thanks for dying McCain! By far the best thing you ever did for America!!!

Many accused McCain of being controlled by liberal billionaire George Soros.

H/T - Rawstory, Salon

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