Jason Statham And John Mayer Just Nailed The 'Bottle Cap Challenge' With Their Impressive Videos
@jasonstatham/Instagram; @johnmayer/Instagram

First things first:l

what is the "Bottle Cap Challenge?"

It appears to have been started by this video:

The aim of the bottle cap challenge seems to be, in true Jason Statham movie style, to perform a roundhouse kick so precise that it unscrews the top of a bottle without causing any damage to the bottle itself.

When one person completes the challenge, they challenge another.

When it came around to MMA fighter Max Holloway, who totally nailed the challenge on a bottle of Tito's Vodka:

He challenged John Mayer.

Mayer rose to the occasion.

Mayer gets the cap clean off the bottle, before giving the viewer a look like:

"Yeah. I just did that."

Mayer then challenged Jason Statham.

Statham let no fan down with his Hollywood-worthy roundhouse kick.

After these guys brought it so hard, people wanted more.

People found it strangely attractive.

And videos are surfacing across the net of others trying out the bottle cap challenge.

Some less successfully than others.

Will the bottle cap challenge become a cultural landmark, just like the cinnamon challenge?

Hopefully it won't evolve into something like the Tide Pod challenge.

Jason Statham's challenges to Guy Ritchie and to James Moontasri were answered with gusto.

The only question is, when will the bottle cap challenge finally get to you?

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