People Explain Which Massive Scandals Most Folks Seem To Have Completely Forgotten

The good thing about that embarrassing secret only a handful of people knew about you getting out in school is that it quickly becomes old news.

It's only a matter of time before another scandal surfaces that gives everyone at the school something to gossip about.

That is the hope anyway, especially in life way beyond your high school years.

Curious to hear of the controversies that eventually died down, Redditor Late_Cicada6740 asked:

"What's a massive scandal / controversy that people seem to have forgotten about?"

The fact that many horrific crimes are long forgotten does nothing to provide peace and closure for victims and their families.

Enslaved Siblings

"Those Turpin siblings that escaped being chained to their beds by their sh**ty parents? Happy ending, right? Yeah, no. Turns out their foster parents ended up abusing them even worse and now a bunch of them are suing."

"Edited to add: I'm not American and this update did not make international news at all. Nobody I've spoken to about this knew of the update."

– TwoFingersWhiskey

Why is it that politicians and scandal are inextricably linked?

Power Of The Cult

"In 2016 South Korea had a political scandal in which the president Park Geun-hye was exposed for being manipulated/controlled by a cult called 'The 8 Goddesses Cabal.'"

"South Korea was literally being ruled by a cult. Park was impeached."

– YaBoyVolke

Misplaced Funds

"The NYC Mayor's wife misplaced a whole lot of money and nobody seems to care."

"Edit: Warren Wilhelm, more commonly known as Bill Deblasio, appointed his wife who then proceeded to 'lose' 850 million dollars"

"Edit 2:"

– irishpwr46


"assassination of haiti's president."

– YesImThatGirl

Behind The Assassination

"Shoot the stories behind it are so wild. A florida pastor was accused of orchestrating the assassination. Some of the assassins were instagramming their way as if on vacation all the way to the Dominican Republic."

"Gangs took over the country in the interim. The new President refusing really any real investigation. Just a crazy weird mess."

– CricketSimple2726

The world we live in is hardly Utopian. Some things we prefer wiping from memory, while other notable headlines we hear or read about should remain as important reminders to stay alert of ongoing problems. ​

Take Care Of The Environment


"You’d be amazed and disgusted at how much stuff you think you are recycling that your municipalities are shipping off to other countries just so they can dump it in the ocean for you. We know this is happening too but because we’re disconnected from it we just ignore it."

"Call your local gotta and push to have better programs in place. Ban single use plastics. E mail your fast food chains to turn their lids into drinkable lids etc. so many plastic items CAN NOT be recycled."

– tibbymat

Banking Fraud

"Wells Fargo bank opening BS accounts and submitting credit card applications on behalf of their customers....without their knowledge or consent."

"I'm actually a customer with them and have been for years so for all I know they did that to me, but all I ever got was a couple emails about how they're really a good company with good people and that doesn't reflect their values or some such crap like that."

"I think they ended up firing a lot of people and executives who knew about it were fined millions of dollars. But I mean if the practice went that high it must have been widely known."

– anfla56

Turbulence In The Industry

"Airlines getting bailed out by taxpayers during crisis and with executives still taking huge bonuses. The quality of airlines significantly deteriorated because they don’t want to compress profit by paying more to hire more and expand flight offerings again to pre pandemic levels."

– rpoh73189

Art Of Scalping

"Ticketmaster buying their own tickets to scalp out at thousands of dollars."

– wpggloryhole

Poisoning The Ocean

"Dupont (still active company) when producing Teflon dumped loads of bad chemicals into the water and Teflon was posioning people all over the world giving them 6 known types of cancer. They covered it up for decades. Crazy how evil some companies are."

– Opposite-Mediocre

It's good that some earth-shattering scandals are left in the past.

The ugly truth is, there is new gossip fodder always waiting in the wings for the public to masticate on. There's never a dull moment in our world right now.

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