Married People Reveal How Their Wedding Was Completely Ruined.


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15. And she stood by his side

I got hypothermia during the outdoor photography and missed the reception because I was in the hospitalwith my brand new wife, who was still in her wedding dress.


14. Failed attempt

My father-in-laws wife of the time attempted to ruin our wedding. The week before our wedding, she sent my mother an email that I (the bride) was/am too good for her stepson, then messaged me that she had decided not to wear the dress she and I had picked out. She refused to come to the wedding rehearsal, then showed up on the day of in a garish, skimpy outfit. She wouldn't speak to anyone or smile and just sat there with her arms crossed the whole day. We just ignored her, even when she threw away all the leftovers from the post-ceremony brunch that my husband and his best guys catered (they're all cooks/chefs). My father-in-law divorced her the following year.


13. The wedding protest

My mom's best friend (and maid of honour) showed up the day of my mom's first wedding with her head shaved. Apparently she was in love with the groom and this was her silent protest.

The marriage only lasted 2 years and the groom eventually married the maid of honour.


12. Its about the marriage

My mom ruined my wedding (she ruined my brother's wedding, too, but that's another story). She loved my fianc until we got engaged, and then suddenly he wasn't 'successful' enough. I wanted to get married at the yacht club because an uncle on my dads side could offer a huge discount. She shot that idea down because she didn't want it to look like my dad's side paid for it (they're divorced). She tried to book the wedding at the same country club where her brother's recently failed marriage took place. She shot down every single one of my choices from dress, to food, to colors and flowers. It got to the point where I hated thinking about my own wedding, and my husband finally suggested we just elope. So we booked a date with a judge, got married in secret, and asked our families to meet us for dinner, where we told everyone what we'd just done. My mom couldn't be angry about it in front of everyone. 12 years later, no regrets. It's not about the wedding, it's about the marriage.


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11. Cringe!

My wife and I eloped and got married overseas, but there was a party for family and friends when we got back. My family insisted on traditional speeches, which was our downfall. My father repeatedly called my wife by my ex's name and had to have it repeatedly pointed out to him before he corrected himself.

The first time it happened I was standing in the sun with arms around my wife, feeling pretty great about life. Then he dropped the faux pas bomb and I immediately went cold inside. No one responded at first and I thought "ok, maybe that didn't just happen." My older sister was standing next to me and a second later she let out a pained cry and then sunk her head into her hands. A very palpable shudder then moved through the crowd as everyone cringed in unison.

The night kind of fizzled after that. So much awkward.


10. You just have to make the best of it

My husband and I got pregnant while planning our wedding. My parents found out and moved the ceremony date closer. Two weeks before the wedding we lost our child. Not only was that hard enough my mother took it upon herself to cancel our wedding. Catering, music, venue, guests. Even SOLD MY DRESS. We still kept our date. My parents refused to come to our impromptu wedding because, in their minds, we were only getting married because we were pregnant. Also, my Aunt (father's sister) decided to tell my father that my husband threatened my mother. My aunt was mad because we moved our wedding date before my cousins wedding.

(Her marriage ended 9 months later.) So my wedding was canceled, parents didn't come to my wedding. We had the nice intimate wedding we wanted with my husbands family and our close friends. We had an amazing picnic reception and an amazing after party. Stress aside we had our perfect day in the long run.


9. Unbelievable

He married some one else behind my back. We were supposed to be married January 6th, 2009. He married her January 8th, 2009.

I found out a week later through MySpace. I had also been calling him nonstop trying to figure out if he was alright. I thought he must have been hurt or something, he would never just not show up. Maybe he was out to sea, he was in the Navy, it was plausible, but no. He answered his phone a few hours after he updated his relationship status. Told me he was shopping with his wife and he'd talk to me later. He did get married two days after we were supposed to get married. They got pregnant shortly after. I moved from San diego to Colorado for work. Got my own place, had friends and a year later started dating.


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8. Ruined plans

I broke my damn knee three days before our original wedding date. It was a small courthouse ceremony too, so we couldn't justify insuring it and lost some money on hotel reservations and stuff we had planned.

Luckily, it taught us to be more patient and cautious, so what we're planning now is a bit more formal and structured, hopefully with "pros" that can work around emergencies, unlike us. I'm still recovering, 2 and a half months later.


7. Some things you just cant control

1.My father invited his mistress, the one that led to the divorce of him and my stepmother whom I love (and was invited to the wedding). He is no longer with her, and I always disliked her, but she's in a lot of the wedding photos now. And it made my stepmother (who is one of the sweetest people you would ever know) uncomfortable.

2. She- the mistress- brought my half brother (who was like 2 at the time) when I said no kids, and he babbled and interrupted the ceremony and tried to come down the aisle.

3.I had developed POTS so we had to change it a bit before from Lake Tahoe to my in laws house. I had to sit during my wedding ceremony.

4. My cousin, who is a professional photographer, told me she couldn't come the morning of (it was a 1 pm wedding). Thank goodness the hairdresser said she had been at enough weddings to know how it worked, and did our photos (which were very very nice actually).

and 5. My mother didn't come. She just bailed out. She was depressed and it hurt me though she couldn't even come for the ceremony (which wasn't long at all).


6. Father of the year!

I had a ceremony, with family and friends. It really ruined getting married for me. I wanted a private thing with my husband and I, a couple witnesses, and that's it. I didn't want anyone else involved with getting married.

The only saving grace was my dad actually walking me down the isle to the Imperial March.


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5. A series of disasters

50% of the people who RSVPed didn't come.

My brother-in-law who volunteered to DJ didn't actually bring any DJ equipment, so our reception was powered by Pandora. He also said he would video the ceremony and highlights of the reception but didn't bring his video camera.

The florist forgot to deliver about 50% of the flowers.

The reception venue took everything we discussed and then decided to do the opposite (Not enough tables, big weird glass centerpieces, no dance floor...) and when we tried to get it fixed, the man who was sent to change out the tables stood outside the window of the reception hall angrily smoking cigarettes. I later spoke with a friend who has worked with that man who explained that that sort of behavior happens pretty much any time he is asked to do anything, so...

We made a CD of music for my brother-in-law to play before the ceremony began. He insisted that he had something better. It was two songs played on repeat for about an hour.

My immediate family was late to the wedding, including my sister who was a bridesmaid, and my mother and father. They had originally offered to help set up everything that morning, but I guess they just got a late start.

My veil got lost the night before the wedding. It still has not resurfaced.

After everyone was done eating and the cake had been cut, I dimmed the lights in the reception hall to change the atmosphere to a more fun, party vibe and get people dancing. Everyone got up and left.

It didn't go great, but my husband and I ended up married and we're still very happy together, and that's the most important thing. Still, I wish I'd saved the money from the whole thing and gotten married at the county clerk instead.


4. When nobody cooperates

"Best" Man, whose family were staying with us, got drunk the night before the ceremony and proceeded to cuss out his wife, shove her around their room, groped my boob... and my husband missed all of it because he was out looking for his drunken "best" man, all the while he was back at our place doing all of this. When hubs finally returned, the "best" man went on to ask my husband why he getting married and if he really wanted to go through with it. Ironic, since we were actually ALREADY married. It was just a ceremony we were having since we'd both been in the military when we wed and never had the ceremony, but we and our families wanted one. My husband and I didn't get any sleep the night before and we were both still pissed and exhausted the next day. After the ceremony was over, the "best" man got plastered again.

Our wedding was also supposed to be an outside wedding, but the wind and the snow nixed that idea and everything at the last second had to be moved inside since everything kept blowing away. (continued...)

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Not to mention that my bridesmaids arrived late, and when they did, one of the bridesmaids went on to tell me all of the nasty things another bridesmaid had been saying behind my back, on the morning of my wedding ceremony.

We also wanted something outside in a private location, and later in the summer/early fall. My father (he's a postal worker) claimed that under no circumstances would he be able to get the time off, and insisted that we have the ceremony during memorial day weekend. Funny, since he did later have time off for his vacation during that time of year. My parents also didn't want it to be too far away for them to drive, so they offered to pay for a venue. Well, that fell through and we ended up paying for everything. And because of the time of year the weather was unpredictable... who would've guessed.

Worst money we ever spent. Wish we could re-do it.


3. Happily ever after

Parts of mine were ruined for me but I got over most of it pretty quick. My mom made my dress and the bridesmaid's dresses. Husband's sister who was standing up in the wedding is the most selfish person I've ever met- she refused to have a fitting before the wedding. She also decided not to wear a bra with the ill fitting dress and top it all off with a pair of ratty Doc Martins. Another bridesmaid-a good friend of mine at the time decided to start bashing my fianc. I understand she thought he "wasn't good enough for me" but she did it in a really bad way the day before the wedding.

I was a professional florist at the time. We got to the reception venue early to look things over. I found the flowers in the FREEZER. Not good. I was upset. The venue manager, who I never met, starting bashing the bride & her bridezilla tendencies. She was claiming the bride didn't return her phone calls, etc. I pulled out my phone & looked through the call history & told her I hadn't missed any calls from the venue. Her face drained when she realized I was the bride & she was lying straight to my face. (Up until that point I had worked with a different manager.) I was able to salvage the $900 worth of flowers but that really wasn't how I'd hoped to spend the time before the reception.

The other highlight that stands out was one if my husnand's guests & his wife showing up already drunk. Then drinking a lot more. The wife at one point came up to me & told me I smelled bad & proceeded to spray cheap body spray in my eyes. She was carried out over her husbands shoulder soon after that.

8 years later & we're still happily married.


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2. Can it get any worse?

#1. Husband's best friend decided he couldn't make it to our wedding because he had to get married first.

#2. The park I had my wedding/reception at said they would open the service gate so my party items (tables, chairs, cake, etc.) could be delivered, as well as my handicapped guests. That didn't happen. Also wouldn't open the restrooms for them at the nearest facility.

#3. Because of #2, my wedding had to be moved so my guests could reach the only restroom in the park. The only part with shade was in between a dirt ditch and pine needles. Ugly scenery instead of the grass area and city overlook I had figured on.

#4. My bouquet wasn't ready, so I had to wait an extra 20 minutes, and was late getting to the park to setup, so my hair and makeup wilted in the heat, as well as my husband-to-be showing up to the park, ready to go, half hour before go-time, and I hadn't even gotten dressed.

#5. Nobody filled the water in my centrepieces, so my "floating rose bowls" were glass bowls with rocks. And that's it.

#6. There were pine needles in my wedding cake.

#7. Because of the new location, there were no overhead lights, so I couldn't do the bouquet toss, or a champagne toast.

#8. My sister didn't start my wedding march music until I was 3/4 of the way down the aisle.

#9. My husband didn't know the area so when he found out the bathrooms were closed he left the park, and didn't return for two hours, and was upset he didn't get to say goodbye to anyone.

#10. I still haven't gotten my deposit back for the park, or the tables and chairs. It's been three weeks.


1. Disastrous!

Best man's girlfriend got drunk and angry that she wasn't sitting at the bridal party table. Best man got angry and they both walked out at the start of the reception after the girlfriend tried to fight my maid of honour and the staff at the venue. After they left the reception they went and trashed an onsite cabin we were all staying in and the girlfriend was actually taken away by police. Nothing like getting pulled out of your own wedding to go talk to the police.

Tried not to let it ruin the night, but my husband was pretty devoted as it was his best mate of 14 years. Still haven't talked to them and it has been 2.5 months.



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