Married People Reveal Which Quirks They Found Cute About Their S.O. That Infuriate Them Now

A difficult aspect of marriage is learning to love the little things that your spouse does. Living with someone transforms what they used to be. Instead of a perfect partner that you were able to visit and then leave, you're forced to reside in their home, smell their odors, and deal with their messes. It can drastically change the relationship.

Reddit user, u/frieschomper_, wanted to know about those things that you used to love about your spouse that drives you crazy now when they asked:

Married people of Reddit, what's something your SO does that you used to find cute when you were dating but now irritates/infuriates/ annoys you?


I Don't Want To Do It...


My husband hates social interaction (even relaying information to and from friends sometimes) and will avoid it at all cost. At first it was cute, he would beg me to make the calls to order food or find out information. Now I find it very inconvenient - especially when I'm not in the mood to talk to people either.

Honey if you are reading this I love you very much. What do you want for dinner?


Just Get To The Point Already

He can not tell a story. Rambling, unnecessary details, and the listener is three steps ahead the entire time, just waiting for it to slowly unspool.


Yes! My wife is the same way. When narrating the event, it always includes:

  • the lead up
  • those directly involed
  • those indirectly involved
  • those not involved at all
  • how she knows them or is related to them
  • the connection of this story to the one she told me about last year
  • someone she follows in insta
  • that other mom at school who drops off her kids who needlessly wears yoga gear (ugh)

...and then the story.

And IM the bad guy when i say "just skip to the end hun. Who did you say took my 10mm socket?"


Where Was I Again?


His forgetfulness used to be cute and fun.

Waking up to fresh gallons of milk sitting on the counter for hours is annoying as f-ck now.


Clumsily Slipping Over Nothing


Clumsily break things accidentally.

It'd be a teaspoon one day or a shoelace the next. Little insignificant, 'how-on-earth-did-you-manage-to-break-that?' type of things. Started out quite cute and amusing.

Now it's a case of 'Babe, that's like the fourth vacuum cleaner this year, and it's a f-cking Dyson.'


When Life Is A Sitcom

His spontaneity.

It used to be really fun and sexy...but now it's like living with a real life Homer Simpson/Phil Dunphy hybrid.

No joke, I am just waiting for the day he comes home with a bag of 'magic beans'

Edit: I've had a lot people asking for more stories of my husband doing crazy sh-t.

I think my favorite is: on our first date we got caught in a rain storm, I was wet to the bone and wearing a he offered me his pants.


Clogging Up Everywhere

Her hair.

She has such long, beautiful hair but it gets everywhere. Drains. Sinks. Carpets. I've had to sit and cut hairs out of the vacuum so it would work again because it had tied up the rolly bit. Not to mention I've had her hair on me and all through my clothing.


No, You Pick Dinner


Her indecisiveness.

It was adorable to see her struggle when we were dating but goddammit I'm just trying to figure out what to make for dinner.


Just Argue With Me

Her anti-confrontational attitude. It was a breath of fresh air to be with someone who had a pretty laid back attitude about things and didn't seek to make a fight out of the smallest things.

11 years later, still can't get her to properly communicate her own desires and/or gripes during an argument, or confront a family member about something out of line they've done.



When They End Up Taking Your Place

Not married, but engaged and have been together for almost 5 years now? Everyone likes her. She's a very likable person, but my friends and family like her more than me. Just gets to me sometimes when she tells me something about a friend or family member that I should have heard from them.


When They Don't Take Minecraft Super Seriously


She doesn't take precautions playing Minecraft. It was funny seeing her wooden house burn down, or her losing all her stuff digging straight down.

But since I ran the server, she would keep asking me to go to use my admin powers to get it all back. A lot.

She also still sends settlers unescorted in Civ V (I just triggered all civ players, sorry). Other than that she is still perfect after 10 years :D


H/T: Reddit

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