No Wedding Bell Blues

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Your wedding registry is your chance to dream a little about what you'd like to have. You can put anything on it, practical or not. But some newlyweds regret what they asked for after it collects dust for years. And others lament what could have been had they only known what to ask for.

So Reddit user crazygoatlady3 asked "Married people of Reddit - what should you ask for on your wedding registry that you didn't think of at the time?"

Some smart folks shared things they did ask for and never regretted, while others shared their tales of woe. Here's the best advice of the bunch.

Wish Fulfillment

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What you do with your registry: get the stuff you really wanted, but never truly buy for yourself.


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Not married yet, but getting married this weekend! But my fiance and I wish we put more honeymoon-specific things on our registry. Someone just paid for us to go on a sunset cruise next week and it was such a great idea that we wished we had thought of doing more things like that.

See if you can buy tickets to an event or vouchers for something at your honeymoon in advance!

Going Online

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The biggest mistake would be registering at a traditional store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.. Do yourselves a favor and register on Amazon. This way, you're only limited by your imagination, and you get far more selection this way. It's also way easier for people to have the items shipped to their house instead of potentially going to a store.

It was one of the smartest moves we made before our wedding, and we scored a bunch of camping gear, my wife got some fancy shoes, I got a nice fishing pole, and we still got the traditional kitchen junk.

Keep It Simple

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When it comes to dinnerware - stuff you can replace consistently and easily, stuff that always has been and always will be available. Because you end up with a mishmash of incomplete sets after a few years.

Corelle plates, normal plain glass tumblers, that kind of thing. That stuff that you really like the cool design of it? Yeah, pieces break and you'll never find that set again.

So I'm saying all across the board, put normal classic stuff on your list that's always been around and always will be around.

Tech Savvy Seniors

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If someone tells you to register at a traditional store (lookin' at you ma) because "older relatives and friends might want to go to a store", ignore them and register where you want. The older folks are more technologically savvy than either of you realize.

Something Special to Share

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My husband and I asked for two nice royal blue Fiestaware dinner bowls. The color makes your food really pop. We only eat out of them if it's just the two of us. They are our marriage bowls and make us feel happy to share a meal out of them.

Cruising Along

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My cousin's registry, her family is big into cruises and her honeymoon was like a three week cruise and the registry was contributing for all the excursions.


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Tools. A good saw, socket set, drill, anything really... would sure have come in handier than all these damn cake pans. WE'RE NEVER BAKING A MULTI TIERED CAKE WHY DO WE HAVE THESE!


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My husband couldn't believe I wanted to register for a really nice kitchen garbage bin. It cost almost $200. It definitely wasn't something I'd go out of my way to spend that money on on my own, but it's something I always wanted. He made fun of me forever for how excited I got when someone bought it for us. Five years later we use it every single day, and our kitchen doesn't smell no matter what goes in there. Best gift ever!

Slip Sliding Away

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My husband had this great idea that we would put an automatic soap dispenser on our registry, but instead of filling it with soap we'd fill it with lube. That way it would be on our nightstand at all times but still look discreet and you wouldn't have to go digging around in a drawer when you needed some.

Well someone bought it for us and when we finally went to use it the whole setup worked wonderfully. We both thought we were super cool and afterwards went to bed. The next morning the nightstand was covered in lube! I guess it's too slippery and was able to slide out. Not only did we end up loosing out on a lot of expensive lube, but my husband's cell phone was on the nightstand charging and it died covered in lube.

So I guess that's the opposite of your question. Something we asked for that we wished we hadn't.


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My husband and I had already been living together for 6 months and we blended two House holds of stuff. We asked for Lowe's and Home Depot gift cards. Best gifts ever. New sinks and bathroom tile is what we got with those.

All The Small Things

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Cleaning stuff. Bedding. Towels. Rugs. Curtains. Light bulbs. All the little things really really add up.

KitchenAid Mixer. These things last forever. You will at some point go into crazed like baking spell for a month or so.


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Sheets, so very many sheets. Stack them up in a closet. Break out a fresh new set when needed.

A Good Vacuum

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Towels. You can never have too many.

And a good vacuum. I cannot stress this enough

Sharp Thinking

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A good kitchen knife.

As someone who loves cooking, I cannot stress this enough. A good knife is arguably the most important kitchen item to own. I would also add on a sharpening stone (5 min on youtube will teach someone how to properly sharpen) and a honing steel to keep the sharp edge. A sharp knife is not only extremely helpful but it's also a hell of a lot safer compared to a dull one (clean cuts versus tearing cuts work on other meats outside of chicken and beef if you know what I mean).

I'd recommend Wustoff as a solid brand. I've had my set of three knives (chef's knife, 4" boning knife, 3" paring knife) for over 5 years now and they're sharp enough to conduct surgery with. Take care of your knives and they'll be something you keep with you for a long long time.

Go High End

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Quality over quantity... register for the high end stuff. Instead of some lower end 16-piece pot/pan set, 2-3 great All-Clad or Le Cruset ones.

Rubber Spatulas

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We got flooded with rubber spatulas, cutting boards, crock pots, muffin tins, two full sets of whisks (3 whisks per set), etc.

Let's be honest, you only really need a few rubber spatulas, like 2 cutting boards, one crock pot, and one muffin pan.

We got a salad spinner that we've never used in the history of ever.

Focus on the other rooms too! Blankets, sheets, duvet covers, vacuums, etc.

One thing I wish we had received was like double the amount of plates and bowls. Only one person gifted us one set of 4 each (big plate, small plate, bowl), and I want at least double that. If not more.

Mr. Peanut

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My husband registered for 5 lbs of peanuts on Amazon for our wedding. I thought it was silly and was convinced no one would buy it.

Sure enough, one of his friends bought that body bag of nuts for him. Husband proceeded to carry it from room to room like an infant he was slowly cannibalizing, munching on these peanuts for months.

I should have registered for a broom and a dust pan. I was sweeping that up forever.

Too Much of a Good Thing

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Don't ask for too many kitchen items. You'll end up storing them and rarely using them.

Think smarter: Towels, sheets, etc. Things you KNOW you will need.

Steel Bowls

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We asked for and received a set of stainless steel bowls for the kitchen. Used for everything and outlasted most of the other kitchen stuff we received.

My late paternal grandmother gave me a set of stainless steel mixing bowls for Christmas in 1979. I was a senior in college, and they were intended to outfit my first real apartment. Almost 40 years later, I am a grandfather, and my wife and I still use those bowls.

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