Sometimes the joy of music becomes too overwhelming to keep inside and you have no choice but to let it out the form of an over-the-top dance.

According to Inside Edition, Marie Dallam was performing with the OK City Chorus in Oklahoma City when a particular number called on her to act a little bit silly:

"We didn't really practice. One of the women organizing asked me to ring the jingle bells and be as goofy as possible."

Little did that woman know that Dallam would come through with so much goofiness that a video of the performance quickly went viral!

Professor Gives Over-the-Top Performance at Choir Concert

During the day, Dallam works as an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Oklahoma, but when the time came, she knew she had to find a different side of herself:

"In the moment, I was like, 'Be as goofy as possible'"

YouTube: Inside Edition

Mission accomplished, Marie.

"I think of myself as a serious person and shy in my normal life. Being a member of the OK City [Chorus], it allows me to indulge in my silly side."

YouTube: Inside Edition

Dallam isn't embarrassed at all by her viral status—for her, it's a badge of honor!

"I am not embarrassed, but it is certainly different from my normal persona."

Internet users were grateful Marie went all out for the occasion.

YouTube: Inside Edition

Many felt they had danced similarly before...

YouTube: Inside Edition

...but none had let loose quite to this degree!

YouTube: Inside Edition

Others were a bit afraid of Marie's crazy moves.

YouTube: Inside Edition

YouTube: Inside Edition

If only Dallam's choir-mates had also channeled her high spirits!

YouTube: Inside Edition

YouTube: Inside Edition

YouTube: Inside Edition

Some suspected high levels of sugar were at play...

YouTube: Inside Edition

No matter her motivations, one thing is clear: Marie's awesome dance moves turned another hum-drum choral concert into the highest-energy extravaganza of the holiday season—well done, Ms. Dallam!

YouTube: Inside Edition

YouTube: Inside Edition

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