Life is coming to get you.

Do you ever feel that way? Like every second is just a hurdle to get to the next.

We have enemies afoot constantly. Sometimes the enemy is another human and other times it's animals and pestilence.

Thankfully there is a human's best friend in dogs. Without them we'd be sunk.

Redditor Professor-SEO_DEwanted to discuss what and who human's should be weary of, by asking:

"If a dog is man's best friend, what's man's worst enemy?"

Mother Nature.

She can be a real B!

If it's not hurricanes, it's fires.

It's like, lighten up lady.


"Bedbugs." ~ PM_MeYourEars

"This is the actual answer. They’re a pest that evolves with us specifically. We’re the only host animal that they feed off of." ~ BrickLuvsLamp



"Mosquito." ~ Degenerate_Saint

"There is a claim that half of all humans who have ever lived have been killed by mosquito born malaria. That claim is disputed, but the fact that people argue about it being closer to a third or a tenth or even a twentieth of all humans who have ever lived, says a lot about just how bad these things are."

"There is also the Guinea worm, which today is almost extinct, but used t0o much much more of a deal and according to some inspired the symbol we today use for medicine." ~ Loki-L


"Flying cockroach." ~ Vehenion

"I used to live in an apartment complex where going to the laundry room meant walking through an outdoor hallway that had flying cockroaches. That was on the second floor."

"When I lived on the first floor it was just millipedes. When I moved to the second floor I started wearing a laundry basket on my head for protection. Still beats the third floor. Third floor was bats." ~ moak0

The Great War

"Geese." ~ Im_bored_123

"Ok, so before I sat down on the toilet right now, I roman candled the geese that destroy my lawn. They're great because they absolutely scare them all immediately without actually causing them any harm."

"I haven't had to do that in about a year and a half. I guess this is a new generation that doesn't remember The Great Goose war of 2018-2019. I remember. I remember everything." ~ Jame_Gumball

It's Me

"Himself." ~ SgtGo

"It's no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy. 'Cause every now and then, I kick the living crap out of me.'" ~ _duncan_idaho_


Whatever deity created bedbugs should be punished.

They are the minions of the devil.

I hate them!

"The “x” button in ads when you try to click them." ~ cjj966

"Not to mention those fake playable ads that immediately send you to the app store." ~ DRYFT3R_9



"Fleas." ~ Wavage

"Lived on a farm growing up with 5 dogs, at one point we got a flea infestation and it was intense. We had carpet on the floor, and I used to make it a game to put in calf high white tube socks, and walk slowly across the carpet."

"My feed would be black by the end with hundreds of fleas and I would run to the bathtub and drown them. Was a brutal week." ~ teh_pwnererrr

It doesn't beat us...

"Depression really is the enemy. We've got some weapons against it, but for some reason talking to others seems to be the only one that gets frequently mentioned. Exercise is a good weapon."

"Any form at all, even light exercise. Light boxes have helped me immensely; I normally get SAD but haven't since using them."

"It might be coincidental, as other aspects of my life have changed, but they are definitely worth considering. You need to use it close up and for a good amount of time."

"Diet is important, and human interaction, even silly small stuff. Just saying hello to people helps. Meditation: very helpful, at least in my experience."

"Obviously going and speaking to the doctor about it. For some reason people seem to be against taking anti-depressants, but that's allowing depression to win. F**k depression. I freaking hate it. We do whatever we can to beat that piece of crap into the ground."

"And if depression does come, and it wraps it's cold, constrictive arms around us and hollows us out, then we say 'Not for long.' It goes, it always does."

"It doesn't beat us; we beat it. Sometimes over and over, but we always win in the end, if we just stay in the fight. F**k depression." ~ octopoddle

Foot Killers

"Legos on the floor." ~ RandomChopSuey

"I knew a guy who had a lot of lego, used to keep it all over the house on display in glass boxes and on shelves and whatever, and it was always really fun to go over and see his latest stuff."

"Funny thing is, despite having all that lego there was never any on the floor lying around. You could walk barefoot with impunity and it was fine, whereas in a person's house where they don't have loads of lego on display it still always sometimes gets you. Funny thing is the guy was later killed by a Go**amn octopus." ~ spiderbabyinapram

Be Ready

"That idiot driver in the other car." ~ Sofarbeyondmessed

"Assume they are all trying to kill you. That is why I have a harpoon gun on my car. Pre-emptive defense." ~ Pyroclastic_Hammer


We better watch out.

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