Instead of fighting crime, this man's security doorbell hilariously mistook him for an actual crime fighter.

Earlier this week, Twitter user B.J May shared a comical screenshot from his Nest app that left the internet howling. Using facial recognition software, these "smart" doorbells can recognize potential intruders and alert home owners.

Nest can also lock doors remotely, which is exactly what happened after the software recognized an apparent threat:


That's right, Nest, his security doorbell system, saw the image of Batman on May's t-shirt, didn't recognize the face, and went into "stranger danger" alert mode.

May cleared up some confusion following his viral tweet:

Twitter agreed this face recognition fail was hilarious, and had some questions for May, and he was happy to oblige.

Let's face it...if the real Batman wanted to break into someone's home, a fancy Nest security system wouldn't stop him.

May was a good sport after his tweet went viral, patiently responding to numerous questions about the Nest system.

He also fielded criticism from a few trolls who advised him to stick with a regular old lock and key:

Others were strangely critical of his chosen home security method:

Give this guy a break, internet!

Next time May returns home from a day of work, let's hope he won't be locked out of his very own Batcave.

H/T: Mashable, B.J May

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