People Describe The Mandela Effect That Messed With Their Head The Most
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The Mandela Effect is, according to Healthline, "when a large group of people believe an event occurred when it did not."

Basically, somehow, someway, we all remember something happened or looked a certain way when it really didn't.

This can happen through a few methods, with confabulation being the most accepted reasoning. We create false memories to fill in the gaps of what we're missing when we try to recall something through our fallible memories.

That spreads, in discussion, through the internet, and suddenly, we have an accepted "truth" which turns out to be not at all.

Reddit user, Ola8o, wanted to know what we all misremembered when they asked:

"Which Mandela effect messed your head up the most ?"

You think you know how a logo you see every time you visit the grocery story is spelled, don't you? Until you look more closely and realize you've never understood what it's saying at all.

Find A Bottle And Check

"It’s spelled Febreze, not Febreeze"


"For a long time, I thought it was Fabreeze."

"As in fabric breeze."


Come to think of it, we get why you thought that!

When Even You're Search Doesn't Give You The Right Results

""Froot loops” became “fruit loops” then “froot loops” again"


"They launched as "Fruit Loops" in '59, then rebranded to "Froot Loops" in '63"

"Edit: I'm aware I have been misled, we don't even have Froot Loops in my country"


I can't remember the last time I had Froot Loops (or shall I say Fruit Loops) but now I have a terrible craving.

We've All Taken The Red Pill? Or Is It The Blue One?

"Stouffer’s stove top stuffing has apparently never existed."


"Wow, I just had to look that one up. Apparently it's always been made by Kraft and we are all just crazy."


"Is this even the real world or are we in a simulation?!?!?!"


It's one thing to hear about an ME when it happened to someone else, or perhaps you read about it online (like what's happening here today), but what do you do when the Mandela Effect has you firmly in its grasp, standing in the center of its changing vortex?

How Do You Convince An Entire Country?

"Ok ok hear me out."

"First of all: in Brazil you tipically don't go to school (middle school or high school, doesn't matter) for the whole day. You are in school either in the morning (usually 7.30 am to noon) or in the afternoon (usually 1pm to 5.30pm)."

"Every single person who was a kid in Brazil (and was not in school in the mornings) when 9/11 happened remembers watching Dragon Ball Z and having it be interrupted for the breaking news of the attacks. And I mean EVERYONE. It comes up every time someone asks "what were you doing when 9/11 happened"."

"Except DBZ wasn't on at that time. Someone checked the airing times and compared to the time when the attacks happened. Definitely not on."

"Still, a whole generation of kids is 100% sure they were watching DBZ when the news broke out."


Who knows when this started and how everyone became convinced of something that could so easily be disproven?

No Longer A Tree

"The one that always gets me is particular to my friends and I from when we were kids. There was a creek that ran under the street in the neighborhood and we would sometimes hang out in the banks on either side of the road. There was this big rock that we would sit on all the time."

"Except one day we were walking by and it wasn’t a rock. It was a small tree. Fully rooted in and established and the rock was no where to be seen. Mind you, it was an extremely heavy boulder. We passed that spot all the time and all of us remember that rock. We call it the shapeshifting rock."


This is odd! Are you sure you were in the right place? Sounds like a glitch in the simulation.

We All Saw It, Didn't We?

"The one I’m part of."

"My National Guard unit (from the deserts of the American SW) was in Afghanistan for the winter of 09-10."

"During that time, our home town had one of its very rare snowfalls, rare enough that we all watched it on Armed Forces TV because it made national news."

"The Mandela effect? The records all show that snowfall was the winter of 08-09 when we were home. But none of us remember it happening while we were home; it happened during our deployment."


And then there's these, situations where you don't even know what's up and what's down, what's black and what's white, or how a song actually sounded even though you've sung it in your mind four-hundred thousands times since you were a child.

It Was Never There To Begin With

"Fruit of the Loom logo with a cornucopia"


"What the everloving f-ck."

"This is not Mandela effect. This is goddamn wizardry."

"That logo has always had a goddamn cornucopia until I looked it up after reading this comment."

"I asked my wife. She goes "yea the cornucopia on their stuff is how I learned the word as a kid". I showed her the logo. She goes 'no, I mean the old one with the cornucopia I guess.'"

"There wasn't one?!?!"

"Bull f-cking sh-t."

"F-ck this dark timeline."


Do Not Pass 'GO'

"The monopoly guy not having a monocle"


"I remember this like it was yesterday. When I grew up my family was kind of poor and I always wanted a monopoly set. One day I broke my foot and after 3-4 days my mom bought me one to help me feel better."

"I didn't have my friends to visit because they were 'busy' or didn't want to spend their day at a bed when they could be outside. The day I got it I have spent most of it with the game, reading everything on the cards the rules and even playing alone. The guy on it always had a f-cking monocle."

"In the middle of the board or on the box the guy was looking at you and he was holding his monocle. Even on one of the cards the guy was either pulled by a cop to go to jail or he was on the train but one particular thing cought my attention, I remember it like it was yesterday and as a kid I found it very amusing. The guy lost the monocle and it was behind him falling because he was moved fast."

"This fact still haunts me today and gives me the chills because I know how much time I spent in that month in bed with that f-cking game."


Stein. Wait, No, Stain?

"Tbh the Berenstain Bears still makes me uncomfortable."


"I still do the double-take when I see anything BB at thrift stores. Like, if I look fast enough I’ll see the correct spelling."


And It Goes On And On My Friend...

""The Song that Never Ends" from Lamb Chops is actually The Song that DOESN'T End"


"I grew up watching that show EVERY DAY. i have sang that song since my childhood. I don't screw up lyrics to power Rangers, and that's more complicated. I refuse to believe I mixed this up, that long ago, while watching the show."


Life is strange. Sometimes it's best to accept that perhaps we don't know or remember as much as we like to think we do.

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