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It seems like everyone has some form of side hustle these days. Some of them are more "work appropriate" than others.

Back in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began, millions lost their jobs. Many of them turned to OnlyFans. Between March and April alone, OnlyFans saw a 75% increase in sign ups for creator accounts.

Unemployment in the U.S. has lowered from 6.9% in October of 2020 to 4.6% in October of 2021. Globally, OnlyFans has over one million creators.

There's bound to be some overlap between people creating NSFW content and getting a new day job in the last year.

So we wanted to know what happens when managers find their employees are still working on their side hustles.

Redditor Numerous_Method_1628 asked:

"Managers of Reddit, what would you do if you found out your employee has an OnlyFans?"

Here's some surprising answers.

Pretend it never happened.

"Act like I don't know."

- 8088135

"Yup Never mention it."

- SinTron99

"Then check it out."

- Vcardenas3

"Then sub top tier."

- jjsyk23

"This. So long as it isn't happening while you're supposed to be working, I know nothing."

"People who report to me don't get to have less than total focus on their work at all times, but I don't need to tell them that. 'If you fuck up, people will die' is its own motivator."

- Otherwise_Window

Just forget it.

"Forget this information ASAP."

- tardish3r3

"Until it’s time for AFAP."

- crumbshotfetishist

If it doesn't effect work, who cares?

"As long as it doesn't have a negative effect their work, why should I care?"

- DnDimwit

"This is the correct answer."

- e___money

"Be my boss 🤩"

- AphroditeEros69

If it's outside of work, it none of their business.

"I would immediately forget and pretend I was blissfully ignorant."

"Very similar to what I did when one of my employees accidentally texted me instead of her weed dealer."

"What people do outside of the office is none of my business."

- glowgirl1111

"Oh man to be a fly on your employee's wall just to see the reaction when she realized she texted her boss to buy weed."

- Outnabout3535325

A raise!

"Maybe give them a raise since obviously they’re not getting paid enough."

- colorabro

"Or they are just not working that many hours."

- Savitribaii

"And they obviously have the drive and time to earn more if compensated properly."

- Shinobi120

Small business worries.

"I’d be p*ssed. I’m self employed, my only employee is myself, and my wife helps me with my books."

:If she’s making an OF that I don’t know about, we’re gonna have a serious talk."

"I could help!"

- Conchobar8

"An OF of you no less..."

- Otherwise_Window

"If she’s running an OF of me, then I’m using the funds to buy the damn dragons for my Warhammer army!"

- Conchobar8

Depends how it came to their attention.

"Depends how it came to my attention."

  1. "I found it by scrolling thru OFs myself and randomly stumbled upon it. In this scenario I keep my mouth shut, don’t look and keep scrolling."
  2. "Someone at work tells me about it. I take into consideration that the person telling me only wants to gossip and stir sh*t up and tell them to gtfo of my office and mind their own business. Then I too mind my own business and do nothing."
- Wexylu

This isn't a hypothetical for this manager.

"I have employees who do, they do great work here, and keep that totally separate from the office. I am 100% cool with that, people are entitled to their side hustle, and these ladies are really hard workers here, and apparently on OF. They are so quiet about it, I don't think anyone outside of management even knows."

- NoMonkeyPooForU

"How do management know?"

- Ok-Preference-

"We are a legal office, our jurisdiction's ethical rules require disclosure of outside employment for conflict analysis and disclosure. It's basically so we don't inadvertently we don't represent a party that might have a direct conflict with a person or organization that has an affiliation with one of our employees. It's much more complicated and nuanced than that, but that's the general idea."

- NoMonkeyPooForU

This might be a more realistic answer.

"Check it out, masturbate to it, then come up with a strategy for going into work the next day and not being too obvious I squeezed it to the employee."

- AreWeCowabunga

"I’m not a manager but this to me so far seems like the most honest answer."

- tykogars

"Word. All these saints in this thread really telling me they wouldn't take a peek? I call bs."

- SirSw0le

Regardless of if you watched or not, it's probably best not to say anything.

We don't need anyone needing to call HR.

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