Managers Break Down The Craziest Reason They've Ever Had To Fire Someone


As an employer, firing someone is just about the worst part of the job. Rejecting someone’s livelihood is a rotten feeling.

But sometimes the reason is so absurd and obvious that a manager has to chuckle.

One Reddit thread paints a picture of startling negligence and cartoonishly terrible behavior.

These managers didn’t bat an eye as they fired some employees with an insane lack of judgment.

GravyxNips asked, "What's the craziest reason you had to fire someone?"

Even Unpaid Labor has its Limits

"I was a bartender/bar manager. This guy came in one night and said he was an aspiring DJ and asked if we would consider hiring him to come in just on Sunday nights to DJ for us."

"He said we wouldn't have to pay him at first, he would just take tips and we could renegotiate after he helped to build up our Sunday night crowd."

"He lasted less than 3 months. He drove away so much business and I got SO many complaints."

"He played the same songs every week and when people made requests (for commonly known songs), he had no idea who they (the musicians) were."


The Tool for the Job

"Years ago, at a lumber company."

"Had a guy, less than two hours after he started on his first day, pick up his car with a forklift and stand underneath it to see what was rattling when he drove."

-- woodenman22

Power Trip 

"Profanity filled road rage rant through and Ambulance PA system at a crowded intersection."

"I had complaints coming in for well over a month."

-- Zenmedic

A Constellation of Screw-Ups

"One weekend an employee took a trip out of town for non work related reasons, but used the company truck, and charged it all on the company credit card."

"On his way up there he ran a random person off the road, who just so happened to be one of the owners of another contractor who works closely with the one who employed this guy."

"A couple weeks later his wife calls his former employer saying he had called her randomly and killed himself in his truck on the side of the highway."

"Me and another colleague went searching for records of this guy, couldn't find anything no claims of a suicide in the local paper where he supposedly killed himself at. Thought it was weird but whatever."

"Fast forward a month later, and I heard through the grapevine that the original contractor who had employed this guy received a call from some contractor across country because he applied for work there and put them down as his previous employer."

"He faked his own death to get out of trouble with the company then proceeded to put them down on his resume not expecting anyone to check his references."

-- Mt1017

Confidence: a Valued Attribute in the Workplace

A guy shaved/trimmed off his pubes and left them scattered across a shared desk in a shared office."

"When confronted, he pulled a George Costanza: 'Oh, is that frowned upon?'"

-- GenXed

Dreaming of Noir Films

"We had someone fall asleep at his desk with a lit cigarette in his hand. In a office full of cubicles like maybe... 6-7 years ago? Smoking wasn't legal anywhere indoors let alone in an office building."

"And the first time he wasn't even fired. He was fired when it happened again!"

-- CactusPearl21

Too Weird for Business

"Fired a guy for looking to pay someone to cast black magic on the owner and the owner's family to bewitch them into giving him a raise and, ironically, never firing him.'

"Only reason I found out was because he asked someone else in the office for help in finding a witch doctor to cast the spells and word got round."

"No one wanted to be in the same room as him after that."

-- rivanko

Losing Track of the Lie

"Once a had a guy call in sick to his restaurant/bar shift right before his shift and then proceeded to show up sh*t-faced drunk for happy hour during the time he was supposed to be working."

"He was not a bright man."

-- skdubbs

Must Have Worked a Double

"One of my ER nurses was chasing another down the hall with a scalpel in her hand screaming at the top of her lungs 'I'm going to cut you b*tch!'" -- EzraSteel

"She was practicing to become a surgeon, but her bedside manner was atrocious." -- imagine_amusing_name

Poor Craftsmanship

"Had to fire a guy for coming to work high on meth and getting lost in a closet while painting it."

"I asked what the deal was and was told, 'Shhhh I am having a conversation.' That was his last day."

-- bunnyb2004

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