Man Asks Twitter Users To Name The Strangest Thing Their Cat Has Done And It Totally Delivered

It is scientifically proven that cats are total jerks.

In addition to being jerks, they're also scientifically huge weirdos.

Like, did you know scientists say humans domesticated dogs and other companion and working animals, but cats domesticated themselves?

Wait, does that mean cats domesticated humans?

Cats are crazy thanks to their evolutionary history, according to this TED-Ed video.

Why do cats act so weird? - Tony Buffington

But just because there is a solid explanation for why cats are so weird doesn't change the fact that they're STILL SUPER FREAKING WEIRD.

So Twitter user @poorlycatdraw posed a question to the Twitterverse:

And cats do so many weird things that there was a tidal wave of responses.

Like this cat that is clearly Mission Control:

This cat who is okay with having ZERO responsibilities in life:

These clean kitties:

This vain princess:

This musician:

This guy who can't leave a good face alone:

This guy who can't really meow:

This guy who just looks like a derp at all times:

This guy who needs a plan adjustment on how he drinks water:

This uncomfortable sleeping position:

And of course the unlimited seating opportunists:

In conclusion, all cats are weird.

If your cat is not weird, you have a dog.

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