Men Explain Whether They Would Take A Male Contraceptive Pill If It Was Widely Available
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A lot of talk going on about women's bodies, isn't there?

Not necessarily with women front and center as part of the conversation, unfortunately.

One of the main talking points against these bans and laws being placed on women's bodies is the idea that it would never happen to a man. "If men could get pregnant, there'd be free abortions tomorrow," is a slogan thrown around quite a bit online. Is that true?

Let's ask them.

Reddit user, u/IAlreadyHaveTheKey, wanted to know what men really think when they asked:

Men of Reddit, would you take a male contraceptive pill if it was readily available? Why/Why not?

Genuinely, you might find yourself surprised at how many men are willing and ready to do their part in controlling what goes on during contraception.

Click, Click...No Boom.

"Yes. Makes more sense to unload the gun than shoot at a bulletproof vest."


"Without a doubt. I hate the idea of a vasectomy...nervous about the procedure. But I'd 100% take a male contraceptive pill"


Both Parties Are Making A Choice

"Yes. I world prefer both genders have birth control and that both are actively using it to give the best possible chance of no accidental pregnancies."


What Have Women Been Going Through?

"Honestly I would because I hate the fact how it f-cks with my girlfriend's body. And I rather deal with it than her"


"Absolutely ruins my day when I think about what a hormonal disaster the implant has been for her. It doesn't even bother her that much, but why should she have to deal with any of it at all? Saving up for a vasectomy so it can all just be done with."


Some men are not for a male contraceptive.

Hear them out.

Double Up

"Think I'd probably still rely on rubbers. Shooting a load without one and relying on it being blanks... I'd be too paranoid about it"


"Rubbers will still help against things OTHER than pregnancy too - so, wearing them is still a good idea"


Wait, What Day Of The Week Is It?

"Oh yes 100%. The only reason I'd be hesitant is i'm very likely to forget"


"Yeah my ex couldn't even remember to buy condoms so not sure I would trust him with a pill. I also wouldn't trust myself with it either, hence the condoms :D"


What's It Doing To Me?

"If it had the same side-effect as the female one and affected my mood or my libido? F-ck no."


"Not all methods have that effect on women. There are literally hundreds of contraception, it's finding the best one for your body."

"I imagine that if men were taking contraception there would be triple the research into making sure you guys were A-OK"


It's All In The Conversation

"Personally, I wouldn't take it. The pill messes with your hormones and that's why I don't expect a woman to take it and also, that's why I don't want to take it."

"If she does, because she wants to - ok. If she doesn't, because she doesn't want to - ok, too."

"If I happen to hook up with someone, I'll wear a condom, because pregnancy isn't the only thing to prevent."

"If I am in a relationship and my gf tells me that she doesn't want to take the pill (anymore), I don't have any right to argue with her and that's why I'll wear a condom."

"I don't care if it "doesn't feel so good" - for me, the best thing about sex is the shared intimacy."


However, really, it's the man in all of us that wouldn't mind shouldering some responsibility in the child-baring years of our lives. Cheers to that.

So Long As It's A Unity Effort

"Yes, I have this theory that every man's phone alarm would go off at the same time at the bar, and we would raise our bc pill in the air to cheers all taking it at the same time"


Why Make Them Do Something You're Not Willing To Do?

"Abso-f-cking-lutely YES a million times yes!!!"


"Straight away, it would be a d*ck move if I expected my girlfriend to take stuff if I'm not willing to"


...Is That Pun Or...?

"Yes! My wife has been carrying the burden of birth control for 11 years now. Lots of pain, discomfort and other effects over the years, its time men can share the load."


We won't know what the future brings. Science at this point makes it feel like anything is possible, so in the next century? Who can say?

Be ready, men. It's our turn, next.

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