People Break Down What Makes Someone Terrible In Bed
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"What makes someone bad in bed?"


The list is endless.

Half the time all it takes to be better is a little effort.

RedditorMidoriSpicewanted to hear about the lack of skills some people really need to acquire when it comes to sexy time. They asked:

"What makes someone bad in bed?"

I love sex. But it can be stressful. I've always found connection to be one of the best lessons.


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"Assuming they already know what their partner wants/likes and doesn't communicate or take any instructions."


Take it Slow

"No foreplay and not caring if your partner is enjoying it."


"I had an ex who literally never wanted to do any kind of foreplay. He just wanted basically sex of any kind for him. He said oral on women was gross."


Will U?

"Proposing mid intercourse."


"Honestly? With the partner I have, I'd think it was pretty hot and romantic lmao. I'd check in after the deed to make sure he was serious but our relationship is already very serious so it wouldn't be a big deal."


Talk to Me

"Not talking or making any noises. We don't have to dirty talk the whole time or even at all but you gotta let me know you're enjoying it at least."


"I think there's some balance between having some small talk, silence, and dirty talk while being in bed with someone. Or maybe that's just been my experience. I don't know--I think there's some fun in trying to carry a side conversation while having sex lol."



"Friction isn’t always a good thing."



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"To this you can add unclipped fingernails."


"And dirty fingernails. Nah, ma'am. I’m betting this is not worth the infection. Thanks."


‘good at sex’

"I have a feeling most men will say 'lack of enthusiasm' and that most women will say 'being selfish about pleasure.'"


"I’m a woman and my first thought was lack of enthusiasm, but my own lack of enthusiasm. The only bad sex I’ve had is when I don’t genuinely want to be there. I’ve had sex with guys who weren’t ‘good at sex’ but still enjoyed it because I was really into them."


Damn Pat

"They are convinced they know more about what works for you than you know yourself. Just cause your ex-lover Pat liked technique X doesn't mean everyone does."


"Have experienced this, it sucks. He wouldn’t listen to what I enjoyed, didn’t want me to say ANYTHING even if it hurt or wasn’t working, and would just say something along the lines of 'every other woman I’ve been with liked it.' I’m thinking, all you’ve had are one-night stands, really, so they probably didn’t say anything."

"I’ve had numerous partners and love sex. Crashed and burned with this one and he really crushed my self-esteem and sexual confidence."



"The biggest thing is always going to be selfishness and the inability/refusal to communicate and listen to your partner. I've seriously had a guy yell 'I KNOW HOW TO DO IT!' when I was trying to tell him how I liked whatever he was doing. He then got even more upset when I said 'did you just f**king yell at me? Alright, off, I'm done.'"



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"Lack of variety. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean crazy kinks or positions from the karma sutra, but more when it's really predicable. I has an ex that had this weird routine of positions, it was exactly the same every single f**king time in exactly the same order."


Sex. Let's be better at it.

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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