People Break Down The Major Incident That Happened At Their School

Teenagers do crazy things. Their brains are a decade away from fully developing, so they are literally not prepared to think things through. Thus, high school can be home to some wild situations.

But it is worth noting that sometimes the major high school event comes at the hands of an adult who, despite that complete brain, has wildly poor judgment.

Whoever is the culprit, the rumors and buzz surrounding the event are as memorable as the incident itself. Some Redditors took a moment to reminisce upon the craziest installment from their particular high schools.

Of course, sudden, grave injury was the most common theme to the slew of entries. But sex came up a lot too.

CaidenPlayz asked, "What's a major incident that happened in your school?"

Senioritis Must Have Been Especially Strong That Year

"Someone burned our school down. We had to finish school in those little trailers that construction company's use as offices in construction sites."

"We made shirts saying 'Graduated from (school name) trailer park.' "


A Preventable Tragedy

"Classmate was killed from a single punch in a fistfight."

"He had asked the assistant principal to leave early to avoid it but was denied. And even though the assistant principal knew that a fight was probably going to happen he did nothing to try to prevent it."

"Guy kept his job but the school paid out millions. Rest In Peace TJ."

-- Trip_The_3rd

Comin' In HOT

"Some kid who was suspended showed up to school high on coke demanding to be let in, threw a table at a glass door and broke it, then tried to fight a security guard with a fire extinguisher." -- NerdyPanquake

"Rock and roll baby /s" -- Nlbf-Supreme

Having Trouble Imaging a Brawl After the Ten Minute Mark

"A fight broke out after someone pulled a fire alarm during a pep rally. Multiple APs and school security guards became involved in what must have been a 20 minute brawl, which moved on to a main street then entered the other side of the school."

"The head principal yelled at everyone on the PA for about 5 minutes after it ended."

-- porte341833

Two Very Different Events

"A girl gave her boyfriend a bj right in the middle of the crowded cafeteria. When a teacher noticed and started yelling at them."

"Somebody somehow managed to sneak in a dismembered deer carcass and scattered various parts around the school hallways. Turn a corner and bam, a severed deer head staring right at you."

-- r4ffia

A Common Story?

"High school teacher got caught sleeping with his student, got fired, when to jail, got out, left his wife with whom he had two kids, kept seeing the student, got hitched, had another kid with her, and they're still together." -- icoulduseaday

"You didn't happen to live in Wisconsin at the time? This exact scenario happened at my school..." -- sh**inmyshardplate

A Relatable Warning, Realized

"Some kid died by breaking his neck. He tilted(?) with his chair but fell backwards and hit his neck at a table." -- RejecterofThots

"This is the kid the teachers have been warning us about." -- SingularEgg

"Well, I am now scared for eternity to do that again." -- KamikazeBlyatman

Unique Setting

"I went to middle school on a military base and there was a stretch of time where people kept throwing simulation grenades on campus." -- ValsCaCa

"Hold up, why is there a middle school on a MILITARY BASE." -- Bighair78

"A Thing You Did Not Talk About"

"Way back in Elementary school, when I was in Grade 1 or 2, someone hung a girl up by the back of her shirt on a coat hook in the girl's bathroom."

"By the time she was found (by her best friend, actually), she was non-responsive. She did not survive."

"I don't know if the person or people who did it were ever caught. I was too young at the time and they weren't going to give us details. By the time I was older, it had just become the incident that you did not talk about."

-- Lodgik


"Someone set chicken nuggets on fire in the microwave and triggered the fire alarm, which meant a fire drill. A couple months earlier I had accidentally burned some chips ahoy cookies trying to melt the chocolate chips. This was all in middle school."

"To this day, every time I see someone from that school they ask me about the time I set the nuggets on fire. Which I never did. Out of all the crap I pulled at that school, including a different microwave fire, the only thing I'm remembered for is the thing I never did."

-- Liar_of_partinel

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