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Hair barrettes were a large part of many people's childhoods, but there is sadly no adult version of the item that's also trendy and cool...until now.

Magnus Juliano, a designer and rapper, created a grown-up, 3-D printed version of barrettes, which look pretty darn cool.

With one barrette even featuring the company's logo, Juliano posted a picture and tagged Virgil Abloh, Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, hoping for an internship.

Twitter couldn't be more certain that Juliano deserves that position!

Looking at what he was capable of, others thought Juliano deserved a fully paid position instead of a mere internship.

Many people on Twitter warned Juliano to be careful with his ideas—you never know who might abscond with them.

And, as far as ideas go, this one could be worth quite a bit.

Louis Vuitton had better show some interest...

Magnus has definitely earned quite a few fans on social media. They're hoping for the best for him!

Though Louis Vuitton hasn't responded, Juliano is getting plenty of attention, and it looks like things have worked out pretty well for the young designer. Congratulations, Magnus, you've earned it!

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