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It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Yeah, yeah.

I was known for my horseplaying, rough-housing, and all that other playful combating with friends. I was wrestling with a buddy of mine and chased after him until I felt a shooting pain up through my right leg.

I discovered I tore my hamstring.

It was at that moment I realized, "I'm too old for this." It was a painful lesson, and I'm thankful my hyperness didn't lead to a more serious injury.

Curious to hear about the experiences of strangers who grew up too fast, Redditor sluuurpyy asked:

"What's the most favorite thing you had to give up because you grew too old for it?"

Adrenaline Rush

There is only so much our aging hearts – or any other body parts – can take.

Rogue Knee

"Running. One of my knees decided it was too old for it without consulting the rest of me, unfortunately :("



"Roller coasters. I can't ride them any more, because I have a bad back and last time I went to Busch Gardens I got whiplash from riding all of the coasters. Threw out my back at Disney when I rode 'The Mummy Returns'. Shame too, coasters are one of the only things that make me feel truly alive."


Staying Grounded

"Climbing trees. I'm finally tall enough to cover some ground."



Being around a plushy environment we created for ourselves was something that provided a sense of safety – as well as expressing our creativity.

Kid Astronaut

"A card board box I'd sit in and had drawn, in my mind, the controls of a rocket ship inside it."

"I'd sneak food from the kitchen to eat because I was sure I'd get hungry on my journey and being so far away. It wasn't an option to shout down to Mum for food."

"I used to sit in it and my imagination did the rest."

"Oh if you could only see the places I've been, the journey's I've taken and the adventures I've had."

"50+yrs old now and I still remember back to those places I've been and seen."


Stuffed Animals

"My Whinnie the Pooh teddy bear. I wish I kept it."


"I have a bunny plush (named Bunny lmao) that I've had for almost 28 years. He's in absolute shreds, barely holding together with the strength of hope and dreams. But I still sleep with him every night."


In The Closet

"I used to love sleeping in my closet as a kid. Nestled in their under a bunch of hanging clothes, in a pile of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals was the most comfy, secure, cave like feeling ever. So dark too. Mmm those were the days!"


Sweet Tooth

"Binge eating candy. It was fun as a kid, but buying my own to binge eat is kind of depressing. Also, if I kept doing it I would eventually develop serious health issues."


Social Behavior

Ever find yourself increasingly opting to stay in and have a date night with Netflix?

Yeah, it's called aging and not having the energy to go out and have a social life after working all day.


"Trick or treating. Last time I went I was 15."

"I did dress up, but still the looks on people's faces when they opened the door told me it was time to stop."



"Staying up super late/all night and still being able to function the day after."


"Man, I went back to school in my mid/late twenties. I pulled ONE all nighter, then I learned how to budget my time. I think I traded in that ability in exchange for my bachelor's. I used to pull one bi-weekly, sometimes multiple days in a row, but not anymore. I'm 33 now and think I'd probably just die around noon on day 2."


Human Company

"Always having a close friend around. The older you get, the less and less time people have to be around you with families and work. People want to destress during the week, not entertain company. Probably was the hardest thing to come to terms with. Especially since I live alone. But I got a dog, he's my best friend I wouldn't trade him for the world."


Sonic Blast

"Rock concerts. I started having to deal with hearing damage in my mid-20s."


The painful reality of growing up and adulting is something many of us have grappled with.

And there comes a time when we must leave our stuffed animal-embracing, roller coaster-riding, and rough-housing selves behind.

That doesn't mean we stop having fun.

I'm still a kid at heart who now knows better than to run around like a crazy person and snap their legs in half.

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In the words of every millennial who was once on Tumblr, adulting is hard. I’ve been a legal adult for nine years now, and I still don’t fully understand taxes. I just let TurboTax do its thing and hope for the best. They REALLY need to teach that sh*t in schools.

But I’m not the only adult who still feels like a child! I think a lot of us can relate to that. And to be honest, we can be very unprepared for what life throws at us.

U/cracksandcrevices asked: What is an adult problem that nobody prepared you for?

The worst part is the cruel awakening that we actually have to, you know, do stuff on our own.​

Choosing things is hard.

Having to not only make important decisions by myself (I expected that much) but also having to do so in a timely fashion uninhibited by indecision.


Having to make decisions is such a big thing for me. Intellectually, of course I knew I'd have to make decisions. I just want ready too make them without knowing the consequences and at the speed of life.


Errands eat up sooo much time.

season 2 your shoe's untied GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants Giphy

How much time you spend just doing stuff.

"Oh need to replace my tire and that's over by the store, so while I replace the tire I can do some errands and I'll save time and be home in no time" three hours later "Okay just one more errand before I head home"

Also how putting off a small task just a couple days in a row can quickly amount to a longer chore/responsibility later. "Eh I can just leave this in the sink, get to it later before bed" x 2 days "Why is this grime caked onto this plate still I've been scrubbing for 10 minutes straight!"


That’s what delivery is for.

Being sick and having to care for yourself. Like when you were younger your parents would get the medicine, or the medicine cabinet would just be stocked all the time, etc. But here I am with a cold having to build up the energy to go to the supermarket to buy some asprin and throat lozenges all by myself.


Underwear gnomes are the true pests.

The endless cleaning. I had chores when I was a kid, but I had zero clue how much actual work went into keeping house. I cleaned my house this morning and by midweek it'll be a war zone of pet hair, crumbs, and dust. I don't even have kids wtf it's like the underpants gnomes show up when I'm asleep and mess my house up.


Another sh*tty thing is the crushing loneliness that comes with adulthood. Why didn’t they tell us that we would have no friends after the age of 25?

The only thing I miss about school.

motivating bart simpson GIF Giphy

A lack of community. Growing up you have your elementary school. Each day you see your friends and participate in activities together. Sometimes they move away and sometimes you do, but it largely stays the same through high school and middle school. Flash forward to adulthood and you're just alone. You want to make friends IRL, but have no idea how to go about doing it without seeming creepy, desperate, or god knows what.

This is really hard when you are not overtly religious so you cannot join a religious community. My friend and I talk about this from time to time, it's arguably the hardest thing to deal with in life. It gets worse the longer you live, as you know you are outliving your generation.


The reason why I have cats.

You can go days on end without having to speak to a single person, at first it's a dream come true, after about 2 months you start talking to your toaster to pad the silence while waiting for your toast.


I literally haven't spoken to someone beyond saying thank you/no when buying groceries in months. At first it felt kind of freeing and now it's just kinda sad.


Ditto on this advice.

The inevitably of your parents dying. My dad just passed away and I'm one could have prepared me I guess.


I feel you. Mine passed away back in August when I was 28. There's nothing you can do to prepare for it, and I'm afraid I have no magic words to make it better. Just know you're not alone. I'll never say it gets "better," but it eventually starts to suck less and your hard days get a little less frequent. I'm so, so sorry.


​The sad fact is, you have to start fending for yourself with no one to help you. And that’s terrifying.

Saving money is hard for this reason alone.

Basic home maintenance: when to change air filters, smoke alarm batteries, timing of lawn care, how often do you clean the gutters, are you supposed to clean under the stove, what is edging, how do you recycle, how to change locks, etc.


Not to mention the random costs that spring up. Trying to save up money? Good for you. Except your sink just sprung a leak so you need to pay a plumber to fix that. Now you can save money agai... Nope, car needs servicing. Okay, your can definitely save money now.... Wait, that leaky sink sprouted mold so now your bathroom needs to be gutted and redone.


We are all Squidward.

Being absolutely exhausted most of the time. I never thought I'd be the 'I hate everyone' guy. But I am and everyone can f*ck off.


We all become Squidward after hitting a certain age.


You either die a SpongeBob or live long enough to become a Squidward.

Me? I'm Patrick. F*ck your rat race.


As someone who has lost a parent, I can tell you that sometimes you will never be prepared for certain events in your adult life. Everyone’s experience is different, and sometimes adulthood just means figuring it out for yourself.

You got this, grown-ups of the internet. I believe in you

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