People Explain Which Things They Loved As A Child And Now Detest An Adult
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Much like the seasons our interests and likes change in a snap. What we loved as kids often fades and morphs into intense dislike. There isn't a detailed explanation really. The body, the mind and it's their reactions to life can swing like a pendulum. Often, it's through evaluation and better taste we realize we had absolutely no idea what we were thinking. When we're adults what captured us as youngins we simply grow out of... and that's just growing up.

Redditor u/ahsatan_1225 wanted to everyone to share about all the things they have grown out of with age by asking.... What is something you enjoyed as a kid, but hate as an adult?

Return to Sender.


Receiving a letter. Now it's just bill/taxes/trash. Kiiva

Receiving mail as a child was exciting! On the contrary, today I spent an hour going though a stack of mail that I let pile up, and shredding about 98% of it. speeedqueen

Now I get it.

Sadly, the holiday season.

I now see why my parents seemed exasperated when I complained when decorations weren't up post-Thanksgiving or why they seemed so much more stressed than I ever even considered being. School would end, I would get to chill and it was the holidays and was so magical!

Now I get it. With a job that doesn't stop for the holidays, it sneaks up on you and you barely get time as an adult to process all the activities before it's like December 23 and it's all flown by. I can never seem to find time to do my Christmas shopping or decorating. The holidays completely stress me out now and as a kid I thought it was the best time of the year. dreamsyoudlovetosell

Joni Knows. 

Getting older. Ms-Charlie

So true, here's one of my favorite lines from Joni Mitchell - Circle Game (song):

And they tell him take your time it won't be long now/

Till you drag your feet to slow the circles down. wishusluck

The Spins.


Spinning in a circle until I'm so dizzy I fall down.

Super fun as a child. Great way to feel terrible and possibly get a concussion now. HutSutRawlson


Most of the movies I liked when I was a kid don't hold up as an adult.

I've stopped revisiting them so I don't spoil the good memories. JC351LP3Y

Kid: "Wow The Incredibles is a great film about superheroes."

Adult: "Wow The Incredibles is a great film about family and mid-life crises." pwinkn

Different Fats. 

Being outside when it's cold. When I was little, I could play outside in the snow for hours and not even be the faintest bit of cold. Now I can't even stand being outside during winter for a few minutes. Milquetoast_Hours

Young children have a high % of 'brown' fat which burns hyper-quickly, allowing the body to warm itself extremely efficiently in response to cold, more similar to wild animals.

Adults have very little brown fat. Homo-sapien adults are geared for low amounts of slow-burning yellow fat for sustained energy. This gives babies (who would otherwise be very vulnerable in the winter) a tremendous survival leg up. TheObservationalist



My birthday. It's not that I hate it, it's just that I don't care about it anymore. InsomniacRakoon

The 80's Look back. 

Certain 80s sitcoms. Tried watching the original full house again and just couldn't get past 10 minutes of it. noconoco42

I can still watch reruns of 'Cheers and The Golden Girls' and laugh my butt off. But yeah def the sugary family oriented stuff doesn't hold up well past the initial ooo nostalgia phase that wears off after a few minutes. Punkposer83


Going to the mall. I used to like browsing stores, but now I just want to get what I need and go. SquilliamFancySon95

Part of it is the mall's fault for me.

When I was younger the mall was a bit more varied. You had your toy store, your games store, your arcade, sharper image, discovery store, candy store, etc.

Now I go to the mall and it's the food court and endless apparel stores. All the more interesting stores have been pushed out of business. NeatNetwork



Talking about politics. It used to make me feel smart and grown up. Now I just get angry and exhausted. battlelevel


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