People Break Down Which Things They Love That Everyone Else Hates

People Break Down Which Things They Love That Everyone Else Hates

No two people share exactly the same likes and interests.

But on occasion, one might find themselves being among the few, if not the sole members of a certain fan club.

Indeed, while Cats earned a place on the list of the worst movies of all time, its 19% score on Rotten Tomatoes suggests that there are a handful of people who actually liked it.

Or while many people dread having to clean their homes, some simply can't wait to get started, and will look for any and every opportunity to do so.

Redditor StardustNova_ was curious to hear where members of the Reddit community found themselves in a distinct minority of appreciation, leading them to ask:

"What's something you like that the vast majority people hate?"

You've got me all tied up in knots!

"I love untangling things."

"Your Christmas lights end up in a ball and there’s no telling where it starts or ends?"


"Got a necklace that got rolled up into a total mess?"

"I’m your de-tangler."

"Headphones come out of your pocket looking like a Tangela? "

"No problem!"

"Total zen for me."

"Wish I could make a few bucks with it tho."- Not_Jo_Mama

I'm all ears!

"People that talk a lot so I don’t need to."

"I like listening to them & I find their energy refreshing."- krasavetsa

Jet setter!

"Everything about the airport."

"Idk why but it’s so fascinating."

"Honestly I like it more than the trip sometimes lol."- abigailgwhitney

airport GIFGiphy

"The cold never bothered me anyway"

"A Winnipeg winter day where there's not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind, but it's so f*cking cold out your nose hairs freeze together every time you breathe."- FakeLordFarquaad

"I prefer fall/winter to spring/summer, almost like reverse seasonal depression."

"I love when it gets dark early, and it’s cold a dreary outside."

"The sun hurts my eyes, and i despise being hot and sweaty!"- dmb53

When life gives you lemons...

"Apparently a lot of people don't like the lemon/yellow starburst candy, and that's the one I prefer."- mermaid_with_pants

Sudsy, soapy dreams...

"Doing the dishes."

"I find it so calming."- shakensunshine

Season 5 Episode 10 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

The gift that keeps on giving.

"Wrapping presents!"

"It's super therapeutic and relaxing to me."

"I'll wrap everyone's presents in the house, even the ones they have to give to other people!"- happygoose2022

Sweeet and sparkly!

"Fruit flavored sparkling water."- suitcaseinherhand

"It's raining, it's pouring..."

"Rainy days and cleaning."

"Doing the dishes when I WANT TO."

"Not when somebody tells me to do it."

"Makes it 10 times worse for some reason."

"Gloomy and rainy days."- eggtart_prince

rainy day GIFGiphy

Can't dive too deep!

"Writing essays."

"I got addicted to research when I was in college and something about putting everything together to present a coherent argument is just exciting for me."- ILoveFoodALotMore

Organization is key.

"I had two Lego Minecraft sets."

"I separated them and removed part for part. I sorted and counted every single piece of Lego."

"It kind of distracted me long enough from negative thoughts and it was kinda nice even tho I needed a couple of hours."- Plus4beats

See you in the frozen section!

"Doing the grocery."- Quiet_Tonight_3298

season 1 valleyoftheboom GIF by National Geographic ChannelGiphy

Don't knock it till you've tried it.

"Pineapple on pizza is amazing."- lazybordercollie

"Pineapple on pizza."- implemented_

"Everything is awesome..."

"The lego vidiyo series. It gets hate for the app wuch is the 'main thing' but I just love the printed tiles that look like records, the over the top colorful sets and stages."

"Then theres the minifigs, unique amazing molds and pieces, it's honestly underrated."- Hot-Childhood4203

Don't need alcohol to PARTY!!!

"Cheap zero alcohol beer with a lot of salt and lemon."- LiquidPerson02

Alcohol Free N6Wc GIF by Number Six With CheeseGiphy

Bring on the heartburn!!!

"Drinking Pepto Bismol."- CaptainRemarkable346

"Hello down there!"

"Watching people from above, tall building, just looking at everyone living their life and wondering what is going on in their day."- johanebrown

It's always interesting to hear the thing which would make some people groan with misery that would make others cheer with glee.

Nor should always look down on someone for loving something you absolutely hate, as they could help you wrap those presents you've been putting off because you hate it so much.

And who knows, maybe Cats wasn't as bad as you remembered...

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