People Break Down The Longest Running Joke They've Ever Pulled Off


A joke has a "punch-line": it comes in quick and then the joke's over.

But sometimes it can be more rewarding to keep a joke going for a long time.

The payoff can be so much larger than anything you could have possibly imagine.

u/KKconquest asked Reddit:

"What is the longest time you've kept up a joke for?"

Here were some of those answers.


Convinced a friend that a mutual friends birthday was a day earlier than it actually was. It's been 5 years and damn near everyone we know now acknowledges the day before as his birthday.


A Little Bit Of Monica

7 years so far.

I often played Mambo #5 loud with my windows wound down to embarrass my now wife. Like when we were stuck in traffic, or when I was picking her up from work. She asked me to stop.


I started posting her copies of Mambo #5 to her work. To begin with, I found them second hand on amazon and Ebay for 1p+postage. I single handedly drove the price up by buying it so often to over £2. I've done it more than 40 times over the years. Spaced out just long enough for her to either forget, or think I've given up.

I found out I could play our Bluetooth speaker remotely, so I'd play it when I went out but she was home. I play it on the chromecast TV when she's not expecting it. I slip it into her spotify playlists. I photoshoped Lou Bega into our wedding photo. I put a picture of him in her wallet. I followed him on Twitter when she wasn't looking. I'm probably going to have 1,2,3-4-5. inscribed on her tombstone.

She hates Lou Bega. She's pretty close to hating me.

Side trivia: did you know Lou Bega is German?


Eight Legs Always

About 29 years and counting. In the days before Halloween 1991, my college roommate and I hid a plastic spider in each other's belongings, food, etc. as joke. We kept doing it for the rest of college. And whenever we'd see each other after that. And in his tuxedo pocket when he was the best man at my wedding. He lives in another hemisphere now, but as recently as a visit last year I put a plastic spider in a shoe I found in his unguarded suitcase to be discovered after he got home, only to later find he'd taped one to my mirror. I'm sure one day I'll find one in my deathbed.


Donut Assassin

I've had something going for over a year now.

At work, we're supposed to lock our computers when we walk away. When I see a computer unlocked with no one around, I will open notepad and leave a message about being owed a donut, or asking why I haven't gotten my donut yet, then I lock the computer.

Some people have gone crazy trying to figure out who leaves the donut messages.


Llama Of A Time

I didn't really like one of my english teachers but was pretty good at the subject so I spent the entire year writing about llamas. We had to do weekly journals and every week I would add in something about llamas, creative writing project? You bet Im writing it on llamas. Make a fake magazine? Llamas again. Essay on an unrelated topic? I worked in something llama related. Speech topic: take a wild guess.

It made him both amused and annoyed so he would pick assignments to make it harder for me while I would be doing llama research at home for my next little add in. It only stopped because he got a job at a different school. I have no idea why I picked llamas, had no prior interest in them or anything and I didn't do anything like that in any of my other classes but it was fun to see the frustration as he skimmed through my work and spotted the dreaded L word, followed by a roll of eyes.


That Guy Exploded

When I was 14 with a few friends we used to call the same telephone number time and time again, asking for Mr. DeBruin. The guy picking up the phone always got mad "THERE IS NO MR DEBRUIN HERE YOU A**HOLES".

Then after a few months we called him up and said "Hey, it's Mr. DeBruin, did anyone leave a message for me by any chance?"


Twenty Years A Fool

When I was a teenager I had a mole on my torso removed. I am the owner of a small scar on my abdomen. My younger sister asked me what happened when she saw it and I told her I was stabbed in a fight after school. She didn't believe me and I had to convince her. Eventually I won her trust about it.

Just shy of two decades later while talking with my parents, sister, and future BIL my sister talks about how I was stabbed in a fight and to show him the scar.

My parents and I couldn't really speak to correct her from laughing so hard. The look on her face was absolutely priceless when we all confirmed I had a mole removed at our PCP office.


Marshmallows Of The Field

When my son was about six there was a trend for farmers to wrap hay bales in pink plastic for breast cancer awareness. This meant there were lots of piles of hay bales around that were wrapped in pink and white plastic. I told him they were marshmallow farms and they grow the marshmallows to giant sizes before chopping them all up.

Cut to four years later, son is now ten, we were driving past a farm and he got really excited to see the "first marshmallows of the season". I laughed. He asked why. I came clean with him, it was only a throwaway joke after all. Not to him it wasn't. He got really upset and explained he had spent the past four years dreaming of being a marshmallow farmer, one day bouncing along the top of his very own pile of giant marshmallows. For some reason he doesn't trust me anymore, I have to utter a sacred promise of truth whenever I tell him something now.


A Time For Checks

My husband intentionally says the slightly wrong date for our anniversary just to mess with me. It's been almost 6 years now and I can no longer remember whether it's the 14th or 16th without checking.


A Copyrighted Joke

In middle school, my best friend and I got REALLY into Rocky Horror Picture Show, and we had a joke where one of us would randomly say "I see you shiver with antici-" and see how long we could wait out before the "-pation."

We'd catch each other in the hallways, at the next day's lunch, and even when we were hanging out outside of school. I believe I waited a solid month to say my next "-pation" one time.

We kept that up for most of the school year, but it tapered off once we got into high school and weren't in as many classes. It was fun while it lasted.


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