People Break Down Which Hobbies Get More Expensive As You Go
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Everyone needs hobbies. And side hustles and interests beyond work and family.

But hobbies can get pricey.

Just ask any parent with a kid who had a million activities.

We all want to experience as much as possible.

And we should.

But all that fun and experience adds up.

Nothing is free, especially a side hustle.

Redditor DeepFriedAnxiety218 wanted to chat about the activities that cost a pretty penny the more you get into them. They asked:

"What hobby gets more expensive as you go?"

I tried fencing for a bit. You don't want to know a weekly payment plan.

Too Late

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"Cars. After you've bought a classic car, it's too late."


"Not just classic cars, all cars."



"Photography. A camera body is one thing, but then you start piling on lenses and lights. Oh boy..."


"And monthly subscriptions to software editing too. That adds up."

"Though I'll throw out depending on where you are, look to see if you've got state parks. Texas has some wonderful dark sky parks and an annual membership you can get that get you in the park for free and gets discounts on camp sites. And at least precovid they would host dark park viewing nights for people to come out with cameras and telescopes."



"Horses. Oh good lord. Buying the horse is the cheap part."


"Man, I live in an area now with a lot of horses, and was always a horse girl growing up (took lessons, dragged my dad to the races all the time), and my inner child is SO MAD at me that I don't have a horse. I literally pass a wild horse adoption place every single day. But they are just so damn expensive and adult me can't justify it."


Pricey Sounds

"Definitely music the amount I've spent on instruments is wild."


"Yep. I just now did my best to estimate how much I've spent in the last 22 years (ever since I started playing guitar or anything else), just on guitars (not including too many accessories, like capos, cables or what ever), I estimated $6,250."

"I've never had a very good, high income, so always having to save for the next thing, which now I've got my mind set on a Fender Jaguar in the future (custom or special order; I do not want the current Kurt Cobain model or the p-90 ones). I also spent $500 on drums and cymbals some years back."

"I actually never use them, so wanting to sell, but no idea what price to ask and what they're worth, or HOW I would ship them (older, possibly 1992 to 1993 era Tama rockstar kit, refurbished, and cheap $300 box of Zildjian cymbals; my uncle sold me the drums and only asked for $100, but I gave him $200)."



Hissy Fit Reaction GIF by Hyper RPG Giphy

"You perhaps wouldn't believe it, but modern board games can add up so quickly, and the fact that most modern games come out via crowdfunding, FOMO can really kick in. Addictive and expensive hobby."


Cars are fun. Cars are expensive. And that's before gas.

In a Bowl

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"Fishkeeping. One day you get your kid's a betta and stick it in a bowl, the next day you find out that's not proper husbandry and correct it, and then one day you wake up with 7 aquariums in your house. It all happens so fast."



"Washi tape collecting during the pandemic was fun. At first, it was all about finding deals- how many tapes could I get for a dollar, three dollars... what does this set of twelve tapes go for? One day I scoured the internet to find the most expensive washi tape. How expensive could this get? A whopping $15 for a single roll was what I found. And it was a nice roll. Less than the price of a movie ticket. Not bad."



"My brother and I got back into building plastic model kits (primarily sci-fi subjects). Getting all the right paints, glues and accessories to have good results can really put a black hole in your wallet."


"All of my Mr Color and Hataka Orange paints 'disappeared' during my last move. I'm not destitute, but it's been six months and I've still not been able to replace the ones I use most often let alone all. Then there's buying my son all of his crap as well... yeah. And you really need a spare bedroom to use and it goes on and on."



"High end audio."


"I'm just starting to go down that slippery slope. Good thing I stopped collecting watches and cameras. No time to take pictures and develop film all day, and no need for more watches, but there's always time to sit down and listen to a record."


"You can put together a great audio setup without spending a stupidly large sum. Beyond a certain price range you’re just another sucker spending money for prestige."


How Much?

Awesome The Lego Movie GIF by Trolli Giphy



"I was going to buy a Lego kit until I had a heart attack looking at the price! It’s insane!"


Good luck on the fun for all of us.

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