Long Haul Truckers Reveal The Creepiest Thing They've Seen On The Road

Being a long haul truck driver requires serious grit and a sense of adventure. You never know what you might come across on a route, like seeing random people in the middle of nowhere walking along the side of the road.

DirtyPancakes asked, Long haul truckers of Reddit, what's the creepiest/ scariest/ paranormal thing you've ever experienced while on the road?

Submission have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.


Creepiest is seeing people walking along the shoulder of the highway when it's pitch black out and there hasn't been a town for miles and miles and there isn't one coming up for miles either.


Ball lightning? Or...

I was driving though Kansas on I-70 at night once when I hit one of the craziest thunderstorms I've ever seen. It was so bad the road started flooding a bit and I had to pull into a service plaza and wait it out, when the creepy part happened. As I was sitting in the truck watching the storm, there is a series of lightning strikes followed by a blackout. Suddenly a massively bright light starts moving behind the clouds, too slowly to be an aircraft but too fast to be part of the storm system. It moves up over the hills/trees before crossing directly overhead then disappears a bit behind the service plaza. The transit from tree line to plaza took maybe 5-10 minutes tops, and while it was overhead it cast everything in an eerie blue glow and lit up the parking lot. I seriously thought aliens were invading or some sh*t. Anyway, I shit you not within 10 minutes of the creepy light disappearing the rain completely stopped and the parking lot lights came back on, like someone flipped a switch. I got the f*ck outta there while looking in my mirrors for spaceships or those alien walkers from war of the worlds.

If anyone has any thoughts on wtf that might've been I'm all ears. The memory still bugs me as I'm not prone to conspiracy theories or crazy outlandish beliefs or anything. I've considered stuff like ball lightning, refracted sunlight (it wasn't long after sunset), or even military aircraft (it was somewhat near an airbase), but none of those seem quite right for how massive the light behind the clouds was, how localized to a specific part of the sky it was, and the speed at which it moved.



Driving home from a trip one night, something told me to merge over, so I did. About a quarter mile later there was a guy sitting in the middle of the lane I was just in, freaked me out like nothing else had.


The poor fireflies :(.

Smashed fireflies on your windshield will leave a glowing splatter if you hit them after they light up.


The dog seemed good.

I was driving cross country once, coming into Louisiana it started getting spooky. Lots of cars on the side of the road near a swamp. Kinda felt the swamp calling to me, wanted to pull over for some reason. Going about 60 I cross over a short bridge and there's a golden retriever puppy in a dog bed looking clean and not scared, right on the side of the bridge. Freaked me the hell out, and I'm a dog lover but I'm not stopping there for a damn thing.


Oh wow yikes.

I used to work with an ex-trucker who once had a woman commit suicide by jumping in front of his truck. He hasn't driven since, and now spends him time working with troubled/suicidal people. He was never quite the same after that happened.

Edit: she had left a suicide note in her house, she had a history of depression. The family didn't want to sue or anything, they said they felt terrible for him that she chose to go that way and didn't want to put him through anymore. They actually said they were glad she was no longer in pain.


The deer was waiting for you.

I was driving at night on California hwy 168 near mono hot springs when I saw a deer on its hind legs on the side of the road. It's eyes glowed in my headlights. I nearly sh*t my pants.


Truck stops at night are sketchy af.

Not a trucker, but I remember seeing a TV show or something where this trucker said in the 80s or 90s (I can't remember) he pulled off in a rest stop in a Southern state at like 3am. He said truckers stick together like a family, especially if one needs help with their gear/truck, they help each other out whenever they can. Anyways, he said he's getting ready to sleep and some guy starts knocking on his truck door, so he rolls the window down and this guy says he's a trucker that is having some engine problems and was able to park his truck way down at the other end of the lot. This guy at his door then asks if he can come help have a look at his truck. The trucker on the show said he thought it was odd because truckers usually just call their 24/7 roadside mechanic service that will try to fix your truck wherever you are and if they can't, a new semi will pick up your load and your truck will be towed to the nearest diesel repair shop.

He said that was the first red flag. He told the guy at his door, sure, I have to get some things and I'll meet you over there, so just start walking back (basically to get the guy to get lost). The guy at his door says okay thanks and disappears down the lot. The trucker on the show said he then realized he was the only truck in the entire lot and that this guy wasn't a trucker, so he turned on his rig and hauled ass out of there. He then notified other truckers in the area to avoid that stop and gave a description of the guy. I don't think the guy was ever caught, but his intentions were obviously bad, and apparently this was a common thing at the time...basically psychos making shit up at truck stops to take advantage of unknowing truckers just trying to have a rest.

Outside of that, I think it's pretty basic knowledge that rest stops are shady as hell to begin with though lol.


Getting darker... damn.

My dads a trucker/logger. I remember when I was about 12 he came home early covered in blood and did not talk to anyone. He looked horrible. Later that day my step mom told me this. It was early that morning and foggy when he heard someone screaming on the CB about an accident up ahead going the opposite direction. When he came upon the scene he saw this, A woman and her kids in a station wagon that had broken down. The 1st trucker saw it and stopped to help. He was standing between his semi and the station wagon, when trucker 2 came along and could not see, he had drifted off the road. He slammed into truck #1 pinning the truck driver #1 between his own semi and the station wagon. My dad came along within seconds. He ran across the highway and saw the carnage in front of him. The woman and the kids screaming and the truck driver #1 alive but pretty much cut in half, and truck driver #2 almost having a heart attack and in severe shock. Dad held truck driver #1 hand until he passed.


Biker rave!

15 year driver here, and people covered the creepy things already, so here's my coolest thing.
Coming into Albuquerque, NM at night from the west is amazing. You're driving through dark desert, then you come over the top edge of a hill, and the entire city is laid out below you. There is a long stretch of downhill to get to the city, like miles.
So I come over the hill, cruising down at like at 2 A.M., when motorcycles all start passing me. Not just a few, like dozens and dozens of them. They are all lit up in neon ground effects, guys are standing on the seats, girls have their tops off flashing me, they are doing wheelies and swerving back and forth around my semi.
There must have been over 100 of them. After this goes on for about 10 minutes, they all take off probably doing 150 mph.
The entire thing was completely surreal and I'll never forget it.


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