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Pissed Off Little Girl Goes On A Hilariously Serious Rant After Her Classmate Stole Her Perfect Attendance Pencil


Elementary school is where we first begin learning about the real world.

We learn math and reading and writing, sure, but we also learn how to share, how to apologize, how to work together and respect each other.

Big stuff!

But it's also where we start learning about what petty, jealous monsters human beings can be. And it is that lesson that one little girl learned this week—and she was emphatically NOT. HAVING. IT.

Tabitha Garcia, a mom from Texas, shares her daughter Taylor's most adorable and funny moments on her Instagram page @tabgeezy. Her most recent post showed a whole other side to the usually smily Taylor.

In short: if you come for Taylor's favorite pencil, Taylor will come for YOU.

See, Taylor recently received a special pink pencil as an award for perfect attendance at school. A high honor.

And it seems SOMEONE, who will remain NAMELESS but is DEFINITELY NAMED LIZZIE, decided Taylor's pink perfect attendance pencil was now HERS.


The gall...

So how did this all go down?

Well, let Taylor tell you.

Prepare to be outraged.

So just to recap: Taylor put her special Pink Pencil for Perfect Attendance in the sharpening box and when she went to retrieve it, it was gone.

Then later, she saw Lizzie using her pencil—LIZZIE, who'd had the unmitigated temerity to be in CA-NA-DA and hence could not possibly have perfect attendance.



On the other hand, Tabitha may have a point.

It is just a pencil, and they do all write the same. That's fair, and—wait, you know what? NO.

This is egregious. Are we now in a world where people can just say "LOL this is mine now bye"? Who does this Lizzie person think she is, Christopher Columbus‽‽ This is an absolute outrage.



Anyway, Taylor's recent lesson in the unfairness of life definitely struck a chord with the internet.

Safe to say Taylor has plenty of back-up!




The message here is clear: In a world of Lizzies, be a Taylor. Put THAT in the second grade textbooks.

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