People Break Down The Greatest Threats To Humanity
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Humanity is coming to a close.

Okay, that is a tad dramatic.

But we are in peril. We're fighting and engaging in violence.

But we can change course. We just have to acknowledge the threats.

Redditor invertedparadX wanted to warn people about all the things toxic to the human existence.

They asked:

"What do you believe is the greatest threat to humanity?"

I just have little faith in any of us.

So I can't help in the saving.

So help me understand...

So Dumb

"Lack of critical thinking. The rise of social media and political theatre is making society dumber and dumber." ~ bchamper



"Bacterial resistance to antibiotics." ~ zygomelonm

"There are a couple of very important things the public can do. Take your entire course of antibiotics and don't quit when you feel better. Don't take a couple of random old antibiotics you have around the house when you get sick."

"Don't drag your kid to the doctor and insist they are given unneeded antibiotics. Doctors: don't overprescribe them." ~ StrLord_Who

Ad Abuse

"Greed/selfishness. It seems to motivate 99% of the problems we see in society." ~ Background-Company30

"Yeah and ads in general on YouTube. Google put ads in damn near every corner of YouTube; in videos, banner ads (both large ones on the website and in videos) videos that are ads themselves etc. They are abusing ads at this point." ~ Sea_Perspective6891

"I got 4, FOUR ads in a row yesterday. I couldn't skip the first two and was too busy to check if the other 2 could he skipped but it's just excessive. I spent more time on the ads than I did on the video itself." ~ CT-96

Hand to Mouth

"Pringles. One pop and you can not stop." ~ IT_Account

"ManagerI can't fit my hand inside a Pringle can. I have a huge amount of trouble fitting my hand inside of a Pringle can."

"I can get my hand like four inches into the can but then I have to tilt the can into my mouth but by that point a bunch of crumbs have accumulated at the bottom of the can so they all go spilling on my face." ~ Dodecahedonism_


"Human carelessness and natural disasters." ~ Errol-Flynns-Ghost


Sounds about right so far.

Why are we so dumb?

Future of the Damned

"Ignorance, and more recently, the enshrining of ignorance as a valid and even popular state of being. We are damning our futures by allowing the lowest intellects and least self-aware to dictate what books are too crass, or what subjects too taboo." ~ ItsTtreasonThen



"Our own stupidity and arrogance." ~ fotofiend

"Beat me to it! These were also BOTH my first thoughts! I believe, when these two are combined, this is known as Cognitive Dissonance?"

"Is that correct? When people are too prideful and arrogant to recognize/accept how ignorant they actually are." ~ Lutefiskaficionado

"You might be thinking of the Dunning Kruger effect. It has more to do with being too dumb to realize how ignorant you are, but there's usually at least a dash of arrogance in the mix as well." ~ CashOrReddit

"The Corporation"

"Greed/selfishness. It seems to motivate 99% of the problems we see in society." ~ jdoe10202021

"Actually, greed is mandatory and legally enforced, a CEO can get fired, and sued, for making any decision clearly counter to maximizing profit for company shareholders."

"There is a great documentary called 'The Corporation' that has some incredibly eye opening stories about this." ~ RookXPY

Drink Up

"Drinkable water shortage." ~ JollySpaceCowboy

"We are literally letting fresh water melt into the Ocean. If Money wasn't a problem we would be harvesting the melting ice caps already since it's all just fresh water." ~ Upper_Decision_5959

"Simply not true, we will never run out of drinkable water." ~ thrwhwhwh

Needs and Wants

"Consumer culture. Needless consumption destroys the environment. Collectively we need to take a more measured approach to this based on needs, not wants." ~ Scallywagstv2


We can do better.

We have to.

But do we want to?

We'll find out.

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