With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the east coast, the Carolinas dealt with many, many logistical issues which accompany a full scale evacuation.

Though these steps can be stressful, there is one job that completely recharges one's faith in humanity:

assigning dogs from local shelters to temporary foster families from deeper inland.

Coastal shelters were right in the path of the storm, so the dogs (and other animals) were evacuated for their own safety.

Sometimes humans can be not so great, but in this instance they stepped up to help take care of the "people" who needed it.

The next thing you know, foster dogs were safe and sound in their temporary homes!

People shared photos of their houseguests on Twitter.

Every pooch was pawsitively adorable!

Some shelters, like Saving Grace NC, also prepared for an influx of coastal pups separated from their families during the storm.




Helping a dog in need is good for your soul...though maybe not so good for your productivity when they prove too irresistible to ignore.

Sometimes a small gesture is all it takes to be a hero.

If you are evacuating from a hurricane, or any other natural disaster, be sure to think about your pet and bring them with you if you can!

They count on their human's help more than anything. But some agencies providing evacuation resources for the poor and elderly do not allow pets, forcing people to choose between sheltering in place with their pets or leaving them behind.

While some groups only criticize those given the tough choice of staying put with their pet or being evacuated, a better solution is to pressure your local, state and federal officials to always accommodate pets when evacuating the poor and elderly or to set up animal evacuations in addition to the human ones.

H/T - Twitter, The Dodo

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