People Explain Which Life Hacks Actually Became A Part Of Their Daily Routine
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If you've spent time on social media, you've seen an article or video that offers "life hacks."

According to the dictionary, a life hack is "a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way."

However some suggestions fail to live up to that promise.

Redditor Accomplished-Rough36 asked:

"What life hack became your daily routine?"


"I flip my pill bottles after taking them so I remember if I took them or not."

"Really helps if you take the same pill in morning and at night."

- rachwiddabangs

"I do the opposite!"

"Flip it upside down before bed so when I see it in the morning, it annoys me."

"So I remember to take one and put it right side up again."

- Lukewarm_Mama

"As someone with OCD this is amazing."

- Malicious_Mudkip

Place Of Rest

"I stopped doing any kind of work in my dorm room at college and only did it at the libraries. Not only did I become way more productive, but I enjoyed being in my room a lot more."

"It’s way more comfortable (and easier) to fall asleep when you’ve taken a 15 minute walk home then when you’ve been working at your desk in the same room for 4 hours."

- NoLifeMax

"Absolutely. This helped me so much. I'm an all-time master procrastinator but whenever I would work at the library or equivalent, it would be infinitely easier to focus."

"Other people working around you makes it feel less... lonely. Plus, you never know if you may run into a friend."

"Plus, I could enjoy my commute home without feeling like I was wasting time. Read on the train, grab some food on the way back, everythings kosher."

"Plus it kept my room much cleaner because I wasn't holed up in there all day."

- CaptainNemoV

Align Your Spine

"Sleeping with a pillow between my knees. No more lower back pain."

- fiddyk50

"I’ve done that for years. Now I can’t sleep without it. Or the 'hug' pillow."

- justmemcgee2003

Clean As You Go

"The chef who taught me to cook said at the get go, 90% of cooking is cleaning."

- LAGreggM

"depressingly true"

- P-W-L

"I like the cleaning. My mother, however, never got the memo."

"She's the worst, leaving hurricane-style destruction anywhere she moves in the kitchen even if it's just making coffee."

- happyfunisocheese

"Washing dishes while cooking. Now it’s at a point where I just do it because I want a clean kitchen."

- devatrox

"My wife always asks why I do it while I’m cooking and it’s because it’s so much easier when things are not yet dried on. Is loads easier and you keep your space ready for the next part of the cooking process!"

- _Piratical_

"When you’re cooking complex dishes you want to have as much space as you can to work with so you can keep organized and tidy."

"Also it’s a god damn pain in the a** to clean out food residue after it’s been there for a while or if it burns when you’re cooking."

- KomodoJo3

"This has been clutch for me. A lot of cooking is waiting."

"Cleaning in that downtime saves so much time I’d be spending later."

"It’s also a good time to empty the dishwasher if you haven’t already."

- drakeallthethings


“Don’t put it down, put it away”

- acardy

"OHIO - only handle it once"

- jivetones

"Slightly different but my brother will accrue a collection of cans and garbage in the living room. Then when he finally decides to 'clean' because theres no more room to put his garbage instead of grabbing garbage bags, and bringing them to the living room and picking up."

"The better option for him is to make 30 trips moving the mess from the living room and just throw it all the counters and floor in the kitchen. Just leave it where it lands baby."

"He puts in infinitely more effort in not picking up after himself than it would take to just pick up after himself."

"I am by no means the poster child of cleanliness but god damn the pure laziness of it disgusts me more than the actual garbage. Then after it's all in the kitchen I basically have to clean up HIS mess so I have counter room to make food."

"Also he always tries to say its OUR mess and WE need to clean up. Man is a walking delusion. 33 years old and lives worse than most 8 year olds."

- rpxpackage


"I bought 24 pairs of the same socks and threw the rest of my miss matching ones away."

"I have a couple 'winter socks' and that’s it."

- familiarfate01

"I did this for my kids. 24 pairs of socks, all white, gray, or navy."

"When he grew out of them I bought 24 more pairs in the next size, all the same color. And now little sister wears the smaller ones."

"Simplifies things so much and they love playing 'match the socks' with the clean laundry."

- HicJacetMelilla

Make Note

"Having a notepad on my pantry door."

"When I take something out I jot it down voila instant shopping list."

- that_other_goat

"I got a magnetic notepad and it stays on my fridge door!"

- AlpsComplex6854

"I used to keep a notepad but now have a white board. It’s like a thin sheet white board that some local company gave out with their logo on it."

"I drew a line down the middle and one side is for Costco the other side for literally any other non bulk grocery store."

- turtlescanfly7

"I have a set of small 'whiteboard' fridge magnets and a little pack of whiteboard markers."

"I keep a regular store list, a Costco list, a home depot list, and instructions for feeding the dogs (meds, amounts, etc...)."

"I just take a picture of the list when I go to the store."

- maybethingsnotsobad

Moist 💧

"Moisturizing my face right after the shower."

- Bookies44

"It moisturizes the skin at the best time."

"It seems counter-intuitive, but showers don't hydrate your skin, they actually dehydrate and dry your skin much faster, especially hot showers, and the vast majority of people take hot showers because they feel nicer."

"But hot showers and soap scrubs/rinses removes all the natural oils and dead skin from your body, and that natural barrier of oils are what would keep your skin hydrated."

"So instead of waiting after your shower and letting your skin dry out, instead right after you shower you immediately re-hydrate and moisturize the skin, to avoid damage and acne."

- daithisfw

Attitude of Gratitude

"Saying 'thank you' instead of apologizing for things that dont need apologies. I'm a chronic apologizer and it's helped a lot."

"For example, if I have a bad day and vent to my husband, instead of saying 'sorry for venting and bringing down the mood' I'll say 'thank you for listening and being supportive'."

"It puts a much more appreciative and positive light on your relationships!"

- thegracefuldork

"This is a customer service trick I was taught. If you thank a customer for their patience instead of apologizing for their wait it reframes the entire encounter in their mind."

- bluemoonsecret

So, did you pick up any tricks you want to try?

Do you have any you can offer?

Hit us up in the comments.

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