People Share The Most Life-Changing Purchases They've Made That Were Worth Every Penny
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Consumers who have money to burn often buy things they don't really need, like travel accessories, specialized sports equipment for an activity they've only done once, or even cookbooks, when plenty of recipes can be found online.

They might be missing out on buying things that could actually make life so much easier because it never occurs to them.

Curious to hear recommendations of items that can improve your life, Redditor icandoitw asked:

"What are some life-changing purchases that are 100% worth it?"

People thought it was worth spending a little extra for a better quality of life.

It Tracks

"Sounds simple but honestly, something as basic as a good pair of shoes that fit you well."

– Ok-Arachnid2436

Rest Easy

"A good mattress and pillow. We spend a third of our lives lying on it, why not invest in it? Anything that you use a lot, you should seriously invest in, like I have a $400 custom mechanical keyboard. People say I am crazy, but I use it every day, for hours on end, it’s my job."

– NappyR6

Heavy Rest

"If you have trouble sleeping, a weighted blanket. I’ve gone from about 5.5 hrs average sleep per night to 7 hours average which is incredible for me, and I wake up feeling so well rested"

– IAMACiderDrinker

Better In The Dark

"Blackout curtains. Especially in the summertime, they help you sleep so much better."

– DeathSpiral321

Listen Up

"Good quality re-useable ear plugs. Soooo much better than the cheap foamy ones."

"They will definitely improve your life if you go to loud concerts. Filter our overtones so you can hear the music better at a loud punk show. Also hearing loss is irreversible and there's no cure for tinnitus."

– DoozersDude

Clear The Air

"For blind/visually impaired people: A smartphone. They literally are life changing, and can function as numerous separate and extremely pricy accessible devices and can do things like color and money recognition, text recognition, the uses are amazing."

"In general though, if you have allergies, especially seasonal or pet, AIR PURIFIER. When we bought our hous a few years ago, my allergies got so bad, we were almost considering moving, but then i bought an air purifier and it was so life changing, i got one for each floor of our house. One of the best purchases ever."

– LegallyBlindArtist

Life can be made easier with the help of these items.

Efficient Multi-Tasking

"A second monitor."

"Suprised i didnt see this yet, but it improves productivity so much as you can have tabs open and type whatever you want on the other or even watch youtube etc."

– fiddle_my_tool

Taking Stock In This

"3+ gallon stock pot. Boil pasta, potatoes, or whatever without a boil over. No more starch water burning all over the burner."

– sonicduckman

A No-Brainer

"a fully functioning computer."

"many people don't have one, they exist in phones or tablets, and holy sh*t they are missing out."

– Immediate-Sky-4191

Clean Solution

"Washer and dryer. No planning days and accumulating quarters for laundry. Just dump a load in a go about my business."

– Kanden_27

Better Dental Hygiene

"Electric toothbrush and waterpik....wish I had done this sooner."

– Think-Research4052

Because Eye Care

"Prescription sunglasses. Hands down the best money I'm glad to part with."

"Edit: Thanks for all the comments and advice. A lot of people are mentioning online stores like Zenni Optical, if you're in North America, that have saved them a big chunk of the cost. I'm not sure what other sites are out there, but try see if you can find an online platform where you can order according to your prescription in your part of the world. If it saves enough money it might be the way to at least get started on your first pair."

"Upsides of getting prescription shades are:"

  • reduced or no glare in bright environments,
  • reduced eye-strain (in my case resulting in fewer headaches)
  • driving in the mornings and evening with a low sun, you can actually see the other cars and traffic lights before you bump into them


  • swapping between your regular glasses and shades is annoying. Lots of people recommend transition lenses as an alternative to having two different pairs of specs

"Lots of love for Lazik or other eye surgeries here, but that can be very costly depending where in the world you are. Sunglasses are a great temporary or permanent solution depending on your situation or stance on this."

"Thanks again guys. Look after your eyes!"

– AidanVans

For A Cleaner Kitchen

"Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer."

"I will never buy a cheap mixer, ever."

– tinyhorseintapshoes

Save your back and your money by hiring people to do hard labor.

Refrain From Heavy Lifting

"paying for movers to do everything from pack to move all of it."

"never doing that sh*t again."

– Great_Cockroach69

You Deserve It

"People really underestimate the power of this."

"At least in my social circle, for a long time it was just understood that if someone was moving everyone was showing up that day to lift and lug from house A to house B with the rich reward of beer and burgers after, as if it had all been some fun party everyone loved. This persisted even after people could conceivably afford movers."

"I personally think it is A LOT to expect of friends do that for you. Yeah, when you're young and you have three bags of clothes, two boxes of books, and a futon (and no disposable income at all), it's understandable. But paying for movers and then packers is something I did as soon as I had any money to pay for it. That is what money is for, it's not necessarily what friends are for."

– zazzlekdazzle

The best pandemic purchase I made that was worth every penny was for several sets of free weights.

Once I canceled my gym membership, I invested in some dumbbells so I could follow YouTube workout videos in the comfort of my home.

They are not cheap; however, I'm saving more money in the long run without having to pay a monthly gym membership fee.

I've seen more gains from using the free weights and following an instructor on a monitor, and my motivation to work out is higher than ever.

If you find yourself plateauing at the gym, you may want to invest in making some changes to your exercise regimen that works for you.

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