People Share The Most Insane Lies Their Significant Other Ever Told Them
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It's never fun to be lied to, particularly by your significant other.

Sometimes we discover that they were lying to us in order to surprise us for our birthday or anniversary, making the dishonesty easily forgiven.

In other instances, however, their lies were all to cover up something much less celebratory.

For better or worse, some people's partners are very convincing liars.

Others however are simply unable to keep a secret, and their stories or explanations to cover things up only make things worse.

Redditor CanadianKiss was eager to hear the most absurd and ridiculous lies people ever heard from their significant others, leading them to ask:

"What was the most insane lie an S/O told you?"

Keep Your Panties On!

"After I found out my wife was having an affair, I snooped through her email, saw she bought 5 pairs of lingerie over the past several months that I had never seen."

"When confronted about it she said she liked the progress she has been making in the gym and just wanted to see how she looked in them and threw them away after she tried them on."- DrMilzie

False Credentials

"Told me she was a veterinarian and even had a degree hanging on her wall."

"My parents own a small farm so I asked her for advice and the answers were always questionable."

"My gut was telling me something is off."

"Googled her school and asked some basic questions that anyone who went should know."

"She didn’t."

"It was all a lie."- Auditory_Whiplash

The Worst Kind Of Lie

"That the baby was mine."- shilling70

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It's All About The Anticipation...

"That there was spaghetti waiting for me when I get back."

"There was no spaghetti waiting for me."- IWannaBeMade1

Why Bother?

"That he didn’t like honey when he did."

"It’s insane to me because what’s the point?"

"lmaooo."- astroqualityyy·

Some People Don't Even Try...

“'I got gonorrhea from cutting myself on a broken bong'."

"Survey says, that’s a lie!"- CautiousOwl02

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Gaslighting 101

"That I was the one who was destroying our marriage for being suspicious all the while she was the one cheating."-shenanigansgalores

Faking Cancer? Seriously?

"I broke up with this dude after only a couple of dates."

"A week later he hits me up asking to take me to lunch bc he just found out he had cancer."

"He tricked me into a year-long relationship based on a cancer lie."

"I believe karma is a b*tch though."- crunchyleafs_

"She called me three months after we broke up to tell me I was right."

"'All that tanning has given me skin cancer'."

"I asked which kind."

"She couldn't remember what the doctor called it."

"I asked, 'Is it lymphoma?'"

"She said, 'Yeah, that's the one.'"

"I hung up."- Spodson

Family Issues...

"That she was an orphan."

"Her family was very surprised."- Garlic_Bread_865589

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The key to a healthy relationship is honesty, barring of course covering up a surprise which will make your partner happy.

And when the only way to stay in a relationship is through lies and deceit, it's probably time to start re-evaluating how well things are going.

Ironically, that's when it becomes time to really be "honest" with yourself.

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