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Taiwan just became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage!

The law goes into effect on May 24th of this year, 2 years after the Taiwanese Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality was required by their constitution and ordered lawmakers to change the laws accordingly.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen acknowledged that the decision had caused some division in the country, but that the decision was the only way to honor the constitution and the Supreme Court's earlier ruling.

She was hopeful for the future of equality in Asia with Taiwan's example:

"Today, we have a chance to make history and show the world that progressive values can take root in an East Asian society."
"On May 17th, 2019 in Taiwan, LoveWon. We took a big step toward true equality, and made Taiwan a better country."

Many marriage equality and LGBTQ+ supporters were excited too.

Wattana Keiangpa, from the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health was hopeful that the decision would spark similar conversations throughout Asia.

"This will help spark a debate in Thailand, and hopefully will help Thailand move faster on our own partnership bill."

There is even a group planning a mass wedding/marriage registration on the 24th, according to Indian Express.

They will hold a huge block party for the group and their guests afterward.

Social Media was abuzz with people incredibly excited by the passing of the law.

Taiwan's Ministry of Culture shared the good news on Twitter.

The announcement was a source of renewed hope for some.

There was a trend of posting GIFs of same-sex couples kissing in response to homophobia on Twitter.

Some were excited about the potential business profits from destination weddings.

This decision is a huge win for marriage equality throughout the world. Many are hoping that it signals a larger shift toward LGBTQ equality.

Congratulations to all of the same-sex couples in Taiwan who now have the choice to marry!

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