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I think it's safe to say this current generation of kids today are a bit more sophisticated and savvy. Well, when they're not eating tide pods.

They certainly seem less gullible to information being fed to them that is suspicious or blatantly false. So why are we still trying to run with the same old tricks

We have to evaluate what basic life lessons and aspects of education really need to fall away, like the use of cassette tapes and CDs.

If it's about control, believe me, the kids have it.

Redditor Necessary-Spinach182 wanted to discuss the topics that may need to be retired from the curriculum after all this time, by asking:

What BS is still being taught to children?

I fell for so much as a kid. It was easy for me though. I wasn't so much a gullible child, as I was riddled with guilt due to being taught in a Catholic school. Need I say more?

Until "W"

lights alphabet GIF Giphy

"In Denmark, the ABC song consists of 28 letters because we didn't used to count W for some reason."

"However, now we obviously do count the W but the song was never updated and many adults thinks me an idiot when i say there are 29 letters in our alphabet. It truly pisses me off." ~ LeMolle

Bad Truth

"Im not gonna hurt you, tell me the truth." ~ maxaton5

"In general, stop teaching "You will not be in trouble if you tell me the truth" if you are going to punish them."

"It's teaching them it's more important to not get caught, that your word means nothing, and to lie anyway as you will earn the punishment." ~ CrazyCoKids

Dukes Up!

"That if you are being bullied the two best solutions are:"

"- Tell your teacher."

"- Sit down with the bully and explain how hurtful their words are." ~ cpdf98

"The only solution that worked for me was fighting with the guy and winning. And I just did that after bearing different stupid things for almost 10 years, even bites, breaking my clothes and even breaking my arm once."

"Just because I was told "you are bigger, you shouldn't fight with other kids." ~ EmuChance4523

The Start

"It doesn't matter who started it."

"Such bull. It absolutely matters who started it. If you punish a child for arguing/fighting over something they didn't start, the child will be confused and rightly so."

"It goes against everything we tell children about fairness and rule of law." ~ Tuvasbien


Shining Stephen King GIF Giphy

"My 5th-grade teacher taught us that our blood was blue until exposed to oxygen and that's why our veins looked blue. 10 year old me called bull and got detention."

"I had spent a lot of time in the hospital at that point in my life and had seen my blood drawn enough times to know that was crap." ~ Caity26

I never got that blood lesson. I always tune out when blood is involved though. And I think the truth should be told now... there is no good or proper way to deal with bullies.

Whatever Jessica!

Getting Ready Episode 2 GIF by The Office Giphy

"That cracking their knuckles will destroy their hands. Like, just freaking say it annoys you, Jessica. Ask them to stop, it's not that hard. Stop feeding them bull." ~ tropicalzhu

Show me the Receipts!

"Your school record will follow you your entire life."

"My record from Mount Lebanon didn't make it to Venetia school. Venetia record didn't make it to McMurray, only a few miles away."

"Entering college, nobody knew anything about the schools I'd attended." ~ snarlyelder

Keep it Real

"When they don't teach children how to handle death and grief but they instead lie to said child to spare the pain that they should learn to understand so they can handle more in the future."

"Sesame Street did it and Big Bird was devastated but he learned to cope and move on stronger, essentially what I'm saying is, parents if your child pet dies and the kid is devastated don't lie."

"Tell them the truth and help them cope, and help them understand and comprehend why, so when you the parent may die, the child is more equipped to handle grief and not fall apart like I did when my mother died at age 12." ~ cmchris61

For the Eyes!

"Carrots help you see in the dark. Saw it on a kids' show." ~ Purplociraptor

"I read somewhere that this was a misinformation campaign created during WWII in England to help confuse the Germans about what the British could always "see" their planes. (They couldn't - they had good intelligence and didn't want the Germans to know.)" ~ ink_stained

Ha! Lies!

Happy Black Girl GIF by BET Giphy

"That adults know what they're doing." ~ AWildLychnus

I knew that knuckle "truth" was a lie. I'm cracking them now. And adults are a mess. There is no way out of that one. Just do the best you can with each passing year.

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