People Explain What Everyone Learns Too Late In Life

People Explain What Everyone Learns Too Late In Life
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Have you ever found something out or learned something new that you wish you had known earlier in your life?

For me, I wish I learned earlier in life that reading underneath your covers with a flashlight will ruin your sight. I fear I’ve done irreparable damage to my eyes.

Redditors have admitted there are lessons they learned too late in life as well. In fact, they admit there are some lessons that everyone learns too late in life.

Curious as to what those lessons are, a Redditor asked:

“What do people learn too late?”

Take Care Of Your Body

"To protect their ears, you don't want to live with tinnitus for the rest of your life because you were exposed to a loud noise once"

– NapoleonBlownApart1

"Learned this one too late. I can ignore it most of the time, but some nights."

– TerrisKagi

"Take care of your teeth."

– BecomingSavior


"Setting and respecting boundaries, how to give a genuine apology, and other such communication 101 skills."

– Deleted User

"Yes! Boundaries, 100%. It's not rude or selfish (or unladylike!) to treat yourself with respect."

– takethetrainpls

"The apology thing is huge. I'm starting to get the impression most people don't know how to give a real apology (or just won't)"

– griddigus

"Not communicating with my wife almost destroyed my marriage. I’m finally learning to tell my wife how I feel."

– Thee-lorax-

Write, Write, Write

"The importance of writing skills for formal contexts."

"Writing is an important skill in nearly any field and the more a career advances the more important it becomes. The lack of adequate writing skill often holds back a career."

"Yet many people squander their opportunities to learn writing because they think their class assignments are empty busy work and they figure their skills in spoken English and informal text messages will carry over when they need to write for work"

– doublestitch

Love While You Live

"That the cliche "you never know when it's the last time you'll see to someone" should absolutely be remembered for every occasion. My best friend just died in a car accident this past Saturday, and the last time I saw him we got in an argument and he left and we didn't speak after that. I'm destroyed by it"

"I do have a great support circle outside of this, but all these replies and condolences really shows the empathy complete strangers can have"

– Jew-Barrymore

"My grandpa passed away two weeks ago from cancer. We flew to Saskatchewan (where he lives) and managed to see him. I talked with him and gave him a hug. Before we left, I had the felling that I was never seeing him again. I snuck back into the room and gave him one last hug and told him that I will miss him. He died 6 hours later. I’m so grateful for whatever it was that told me to see him one last time before we went home."

– m4tt1111

Digital Privacy...

"What not to share on the internet."

– DetectiveBowtie

"Everytime I see my Facebook memories I die a little bit on the inside"

– ronyty

...And Professional Privacy

"Or at work. Co-workers are not friends!"

– MsSchadenfraulein

"I just worked with a lady this past weekend and told her I'm trying to bid to another department. It's more money and a much easier job to do for 12 hours."

"Within the next 2 hours she was arguing with my boss about something and tells him that he's the reason why everyone is trying to bid out and I'm going somewhere else."

– Decyde

Laziness Doesn't Pay

"Sitting on your @ss all day is not good for your health at all."

– poopellar

"rolls over onto stomach instead"

– ugglee_exe

"Sitting is the new smoking.”

"It’s silly, but seeing as how my heavy-smoking mother passed away and I sit a lot during the day (work, commute, hobby) that sentence motivated me to become more active (go for walks, runs, and to the gym)."

– Shinobiii

Just Say No

"That "no" is a complete sentence. Don't get in the habit of auto-launching explanations and defenses - oftentimes, the people listening will ignore all that anyway and just hear "but here's an opportunity to dissuade me, look how hard I'm working to get your approval to say no to you!""

– grammarchick

Purge The Toxicity

"The value of walking away from someone toxic in your life, even if it is your parents and family. If you are thinking of it and are scared and have somewhere where you can land in a safe place, then do it. It hurts like hell for a long while, but it gets better and one day you realize how peaceful your life is and you find you only miss the family you wish you had had."

– irishmuminacoldland

"Yes. Also, find a support net but for your own sanity, just avoid the topic with people who are curious. Not many people understand and will try to talk you into making up with your family."

"It's so hard in the beginning but it gets much easier. You find your own people, create your own families, and your own peace."

– bascelicna123

In A Rich Man's World

"Interest rates, credit cards, credit score, money saving techniques, 401K. In other words anything that keeps you from being trapped by poor money management."

– TheLivingBubba

"How to manage their finances."

– KreamoftheKropp

"Lesson #1: $1000 is not a lot to have, but it's a lot to owe."

– 2020Chapter

Pilot Your Own Life

"That's being wrong and changing your mind is actually nothing to be ashamed of."

– SA_DrOpossum

Never Too Late

"That it's never too late to learn."

– j4yf3rb

I sure hope that's true. The one thing I've learned is that there’s still so much left to learn!

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