People Explain Which Lessons They Learned Too Late In Life


Better late than never, as they say...

Whether you consider life to be long or short, there are plenty of lessons to be learned through it. Some we can rely on school or family to learn about... but there are some life lessons we just aren't prepared for. Through experience, gained wisdom, and tough wake up calls, there is plenty of things we learn about ourselves, others, and life in general that we wish we knew way earlier on. Even so, if we did know some things too soon, would we still grow into the people we've become?

Still, Redditor u/joshgutcher was curious about any life lessons they might be able to get a head start on when they asked, "What did you learn 'too late' in life?"

20. Learn how much coffee to expect

My sister (almost 18) told me she didn't know that when you fill up the coffee pot with water and fill the coffee machine with that water, you get exactly the same amount of coffee


19. Grades will never come up out of school

Academics, getting high scores in exams is not important. You can be an average student whose focus everyday is to review for career licensure exams because thats the only exam that matters


18. Time sure does pass

Don't put off chasing your dreams because 'it'll take too long to get there' time will pass anyway.


17. Do you know what your voice sounds like?

I have a lisp. Litteraly didn't know until I was 16 when someone said I can't understand you and your lisp


16. It's still significant to us

I was going to say how I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until 7th grade, but I'm not sure that's super significant compared to what everyone else is saying.


15. Consider a college fundĀ 

I learned too late that I should've saved up for college when I was a lot younger than I am now. One parent is rich as ish but won't contribute a cent. The other makes less than 80k a year, so now I have to work my butt off to even attempt at doing well. It sucks. If you are a parent or going to become one, please be ready for helping your kid with college funds, and encourage them to save up early. If you do have the money, split it evenly. It teaches them a good work ethic, and that they can do their part and depend on others if need be. I really wanted to be a doctor or a scientist, but now I might have to settle with something else. Don't be like me, and don't be like my parents.


14. Seize opportunitiesĀ 

That life really goes fast, and you should take the opportunity whenever you see it


13. Add "no" to your vocabulary


It's okay to say NO to others, it doesn't make you a bad/selfish person. You should always try to help, but look at yourself as well


12. Rethink the hatred you hold

Internalized homophobia isn't going to get rid of homosexuality it's just going to cause a lot of pain and suffering


11. Some people are jerks, PERIOD

Not everyone chooses to be the "great person" you see in them. Some people are just buttholes. Some times people are content and happy being miserable.


10. Being alone is absolutely okay


That being alone is better than being with the wrong person.


Just be alone. Learn to appreciate yourself and your own company first.


9. It seems to be human nature for most

If you let people take advantage of you they will.


I've been self employed for 10 years or so, in the beginning it felt like I was literally prey to potential clients. It felt like a war sometimes. After a while as I learned the patterns of negotiation and human behavior I began to appreciate the humanity of the whole thing. I don't have the "us vs. them" feeling anymore as I understand everyone needs to be careful with each other. We're all as potentially wonderful as we are a threat.


8. You have to cut some bonds

Eventually helicopter parents will need to be cut off if you want to live your life. This never ends. Not at 20, or 25, or 30.


7. They can't always be the victim

Stay away from people who always see themselves as the victim in situations.


Especially when they are family and you feel obligated to deal with their drama for the sake of family.


6. Parents are only human

Your parents aren't right all the time


I feel like if kids realized this earlier in life, maybe they wouldn't hold their parents to unrealistically high standards.


5. Just understanding your appliances is good enough

Holy crap everyone talking about deep personal introspection, I just came here to say at 29 y.o. I learned that, while I knew the light bulb inside the oven is not what cooks the food, it never crossed my mind the idea of it being pretty hot after a couple hours of being lit, and that I should not touch it with my bare hand.


4. Your happiness the the most important

That my own happiness is the thing I need to focus on. Doing stuff alone is ok, and actually gratifying.


You have, at best, a 50/50 chance of making someone else happy. You can make yourself happy at any moment, with 100% chance. Why even try to make someone else happy with a 50/50, when you can always make yourself happy?


3. Tooth health is serious


To take care of my teeth. It's costly and headache inducing right now.


6 hours in the chair and $2k so far for my teens 6 cavities. Extreme pain, time, and money spent to fix something totally avoidable.


2. Be the change you want to see

Nothing will change on its own, you have to change it yourself and no one coming to help you unless you help yourself before.


1. Don't let people get away with everything

That agreeing with other people to keep the peace is not good. That putting others before you and never worrying about yourself is not good either.

I've been doing so my entire life. I learnt not to today.


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