People Explain Which Things Become Less Interesting As You Get Older
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I find I have less time and patience and interest for absolutely everything.

The years we add, the more we recognize all of the flaws.

Our flaws and life's.

Redditorvieps about what parts of life we tend to find ourselves over with each passing year. They asked:

"What becomes less interesting as you age?"

I'm over always staying positive. Bleh. Who needs it?


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"Who won. Who won any crappy argument. I'm in my 60s and when I hear someone winding up to tell me a story that features 'then I saidxxxx then SHE saidxxx'.... my brain stops."


Private Thoughts

"Other people's opinions of you."


"Yeah, I love being 40 and having self belief. You can only hold back and have been right so many times before you learn to speak up, and stop giving a sh*t what people might say."


"Yes, came here to say this. Ultimately, only you can make yourself happy and that starts with loving yourself and not caring about other people’s opinions."


The Popular

"Following trends."


"I think it starts to creep in when you hit like 30, even. You still put in the effort, but you don't just closely follow trends. Especially not fashion trends. I mean it's getting popular to dress like mall goths again."

"That was lame the first time around. We're just stuck on a 20 year cycle for fashion. Baggy pants are coming back as well. Which is another dumb one, to me. Don't get me wrong, skinny jeans were a bad idea for like 90% of people. They looked good on skinny people. Not so great on others. But baggy pants just look bad on most people, to me."


I May Die

"Getting sh**faced."


"This, yeah. The next day sucks now. Usually I strictly limit myself to 2 drinks a night, and rarely drink more than 2-3 nights in a given week."

"Here a couple months ago I'd had a particularly bad week, said f**k it, and decided to just relax and not pay attention to how much I was drinking. All was fine till I stood up. Queue stumbling across the house to the bathroom and waking up in the hallway the next morning thinking I was gonna die. I don't remember getting drunk being like that 20 years ago."


Who Cares?

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"Once you hit 21, there aren’t many more exciting milestones (in the US). At 25 you can rent a car but that’s it."


I try to keep celebrating each year, but I grow more and more tired. I feel that one.


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"Adulthood and the associated 'freedoms.' When I was a teen I was so excited about getting to be an adult and drive where I wanted and drink and all that crap. Now I just wanna stay home and watch cartoons LMAO."


I'll get pissed...

"Mindgames in relationships."


"I am very fortunate that I found a wife who never played mind games to begin with, and I never cared, so that has never been an issue in our relationship. We've been together for 33+ years and will celebrate our 30th in three months, and we've elevated our relationship to these micro conflicts."

"Like, she can say something, I'll get pissed, I'll say something back, we go into this split second mode of anger at each other, and literally, 5 seconds later, we're fine. She'll say, 'You're a jerk', I'll say, 'But you nag', and the whole thing is completely defused and over."

"It's the way we are, we're best friends, we're equals in that we trust each others judgement and our decisions are generally mutual. I know it sounds boring, but it's awesome that the most important thing for us that gets less interesting as we age is conflict and an inability to compromise."


All of It

"Literally everything. Especially people's opinions."


"I'm 14 and I don't care what others think already... mostly my 'motto' would be 'if it doesn't hurt anyone then it's fine,' no I don't care if you give me that weird look when I make a contraption on the side of my desk out of used correction tape, if it gives me a place to put my pens then I'm keeping it, I'm starting to feel old."



The older you get, the less impressed/interested you are with basically everything. Once you see all the world's gimmicks for what it is, the rose colored glasses start falling off. What got me excited as a 20 year old, does not spark any joy for me a decade later. My motto 'if your past self doesn't make you cringe, you aren't growing.'"


Over It

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"Real life drama. I cannot stand listening to people gossip & talk about who is fighting with who. Who slept with who. Who did this & that. idgaf. You're grown & still acting like you're in high school. it's embarrassing."


Life goes on. Life moves on. 'Tis the way...

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