Things People Like Less And Less With Age

Things People Like Less And Less With Age
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Day by day.

Moment by moment... we march closer to our final days on earth.

It's the natural cycle of life.

Age comes with a lot of life price tags.

We gain wisdom but we lose years.

It's all a give and take.

And as much as it's great to be alive.

Loss still sucks.

That makes the side effects of age, worrisome at best.

Redditor stofugluggi wanted to discuss the inevitable... the process of ageing.

So they asked:

"What are you starting to like less and less the older you get?"

Not being able to dance as fast. I miss going at 100 miles an hour on the dance floor.

Shopping Mecca

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"Malls. Used to love hanging out at the local mall with friends as a teen but as an adult, I fully just beeline straight to what I need to get and then it’s just survival mode until I get back to my car."


The Old Place

"The typical bar scene. I get off work and want to unwind. I don’t enjoy the loud, nearly shouting level of noise at the typical bars. I want medium volume bars that are fun and lively, but not noisy. I miss my old, favorite bar. COVID economy killed it. Craft beers and good appetizers is what I want after a long day. Not shots and drunken fools."


Good Days

"Being sick. It was an excuse to stay home and play video games when I was a child, and my body could usually fight it off pretty well. Sick days weren’t even that bad. Now my body hurts a lot more with much lesser illnesses, symptoms linger around much longer, and many times it’s not serious enough to justify staying home so I just have to go about my day anyways."

"If I do get sick enough to stay home from work I am nowhere close to being in good spirits. I am not playing video games all day long. I am laying in bed contemplating where it all went wrong."



"Enjoyment and happiness doesn’t hit like it used to. I am still generally happy and enjoy doing things, but it doesn’t get me as excited as it has in the past."


"I had an older friend who said getting older was like the roller coaster ride evening out. Highs not so high but lows not so low."


I’m 25 and I feel this, imagine in the future. God…"


I'm Tired

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"Getting up in the morning. I mean, I love the fact that I’m alive, but sh*t getting up and out of bed suuuuucks."


"Bed is soft and warm. The world is cold and hard. I choose bed."


Affairs with our beds. The life goal.


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"My life and choices."


"For real. Dealing with the consequences of those choices made in the past is not fun."


Stay In

"Leaving the house lol."


"I can relate to this. I was highly extroverted prior to the pandemic. I loved socializing and enjoyed meeting new people. Now? I’m too anxious and depressed to even leave my house sometimes. I’ve turned down most invitations for social hangouts because I can’t bring myself to meet anyone in person."


"This. People in public are so crazy and obnoxious now. Rather stay home and chat with friends through xbox."


Remember the Fun

"Social media. It's vapid, boring, and a continuous stream of advertisements now. I remember when it used to be fun. Now I've deleted pretty much all forms of it except Reddit."


"Dude literally everything is advertisements now. It’s getting exhausting. Even iMessage games are littered with advertisements. I remember when instagram had just one advertisements you had to skip in between stories, now there’s two. If you wanna go to the next story on Snapchat, there’s an advertisement you have to look at before you can. I hate it."


"All the major social media sites are basically melding into TikTok."


Leg Joints

"My knees."


"Right there with you. I even got rid of one of mine and have an aftermarket model now."


"I've had knee issues for practically my entire life because of my poor diet. God was it painful seeing everyone in school on recess do squat (?) exercises then I'm just here with my knees shivering and hurting and barely able to do a few of them. Luckily I've managed to fix them a bit over the years but when I get older that sh*ts coming back."


Cash Cow

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"Spending money. When I was younger, I’d save up cash and buy clothes and shoes and food and all kinds of useless sh*t."

"Now I’m in my 30s and it feels like I’m bleeding money just to survive. I’m currently looking for a new apartment with in-unit laundry and you’d think having laundry in your apartment was a luxury for kings and queens. How does anybody afford anything?!"


Wow, when you put it all together, you see the scope of change.

Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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