Lawyers Dispel Common Legal Misconceptions Some Folks Seem To Have

Lawyers Dispel Common Legal Misconceptions Some Folks Seem To Have
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No matter the country, the law is a difficult beast.

Laws can change street by street.

So who knows if you're doing what's right?

But every civilian fancies themself an expert.

Guess what genius... we're wrong.

But on TV...

Redditor IfItQuackedLikeADuck wanted the legal eagles to share some truth.

So they asked:

"Lawyers, What's a law that isn't real that normal people insist exists?"

The law is tricky. So help us out.

We see you...

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"People that think it's illegal to be video taped in a public space."



"In the UK, people often claim that if an item is listed for sale in a shop then the shop legally has to sell it to you at that price. This is not true at all as the shop doesn't have to sell you anything at any price."

"Often as a gesture of goodwill shops will honour erroneous prices, but they are under absolutely no obligation to do so."


Her Choice

"Probate attorney here. I’ve had many people ask me when the 'reading of the will' is going to take place. I explain to them that only happens in movies. But one of these days I am going to have one, and hire a mysterious blonde wearing a veil to sit in the corner quietly."

"Then I’ll tell everyone that she inherits everything. Provided, of course, that she must adopt the decedent’s cute but troublemaking six year old child no one knew about. Or she can spend the night in a haunted house. Her choice."


Thanks Eric

"That commercial use of a photograph means selling the photograph."

"Commercial use means that there is an implied endorsement. You can take and sell photos of Eric Clapton all day long. Put that same photo in an advertisement for a certain guitar without a release and you can be sued."


Not true...

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"An arrest isn't magically invalidated if the police don't read you your rights on the spot."

"There could be a whole thread of just misconceptions people have from watching Cop TV."


I knew Olivia Benson was lying.

$$$ Talks

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"In California, it's not illegal to discuss your wages with your co-workers, despite what your boss might say."


100 Feet Away

"Am a lawyer. This is not a law that doesn’t exist, but a law that is misunderstood. Typically, you can’t just go get a restraining order against anybody. Most states have specific laws for who you can get restraining orders against (typically household members or former romantic interests). Usually, it’s only in domestic violence cases or for victims of crimes. You can’t just get a restraining order and comically use it to keep someone 100 feet away."

"*in the United States, at least."


Damn you Sam

"'When my parents die, the government is going to seize a big chunk of the inheritance and I'll get nothing.'"

"In the US this is a very common misconception. Although state inheritance taxes vary, the US federal taxes on inheritance don't actually kick in until the estate's value exceeds US$5 million."

"So, for the vast majority of working class folks, the federal inheritance tax won't have any effect. But people will still talk to their family lawyers and ask about how much Uncle Sam is taking away when mom or dad die."



"It's a law that exists but widely misunderstood is the concept of Entrapment. If the police put a Bait vehicle in a high crime area, that is NOT entrapment. If the police are watching a bar known to overserve to see if there are impaired drivers at the end of the night that is NOT entrapment. Entrapment only occurs when a gov agent suggests committing a crime that you were not otherwise going to commit."



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"A real, but widely misunderstood law is HIPAA. People think it protects you from literally any discussion of your health issues by anyone at all. Nope. Not even close."


I need a lawyer. NOW!

Do you have any misconceptions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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