People Explain Which Disturbing Facts Actually Keep Them Awake At Night


The coronavirus pandemic is already frightening. Surely people aren't watching horror films or... Ha, you'd be wrong, because I've done nothing but read and watch post-apocalyptic fiction, and I'm not alone.

But truth is stranger than––not to mention scarier than––fiction, as we undoubtedly were reminded of after Redditor PlatformDiscoFunk asked the online community, "What's a scary or disturbing fact that would probably keep most people awake at night?"

Warning: Sensitive material ahead.

"Some hospitals..."

This is more sad. Some hospitals have chilled cribs for still born babies. They look like normal cribs but they are cooled. It's designed for families to say goodbye before the child is taken away. Some hospitals even provide a photography service for these families.

You can even donate money so more hospitals have have these cribs.

It's sad that something like that needs to exist but kind for families in that situation.


"There's nothing..."

There's nothing fundamentally stopping something in your brain from breaking forever while you sleep tonight. You could be hungry forever, lose your eyesight, become consumed with uncontrollable rage, whatever. All it takes is a tiny hemorrhage in the right spot responsible for regulating some signals, and they can happen to literally anyone.


"There is a plant..."

There is a plant called Dendrocnide moroides also known as 'gympie gympie' or 'The suicide Plant.' It's mostly found in Australia and has little stinging hairs all over it. When touched, they inject a neurotoxin in your body which hurts so much, that most people rather killed themselves than waiting the 1 or 2 days until it gets better. I have the Information from another Redditor on this sub, and haven't found anything that literally says 'yeah they killed themselves' but I do believe its true.

Anyway Ernie Rider, who got hit by this plant in 1963 said:

"For two or three days the pain was almost unbearable; I couldn't work or sleep, then it was pretty bad pain for another fortnight or so. The stinging persisted for two years and recurred every time I had a cold shower. ... There's nothing to rival it; it's ten times worse than anything else."



"When swimming..."

When swimming in stagnant water you could inhale an amoeba which eats its way through your nose and then eats your brainstem.


"This one's a little esoteric..."

This one's a little esoteric, but false vacuum decay - the fundamental properties of the universe might suddenly decide to change one day. It might be an insignificant change, or so great that all matter would just cease to exist, and we wouldn't see it coming until we blinked out of existence.


"You could have..."

You could have a brain aneurysm with zero symptoms. Any day it could rupture and kill you from significant blood loss. Happened to my Mom's friend right in front of her. The seemingly, perfectly healthy woman died at 40 without warning during a work trip and while having drinks with her friends. One second she was laughing, the next second she was on the ground. Never woke up again. My poor Mom was the one that had to call her husband and kids.


"The serial killer..."

The serial killer Richard Chase would try random houses to break in to. If the door was unlocked, he saw it as being an invitation. If it was locked, he saw it as a sign that he was unwelcome.


"Law enforcement..."

Law enforcement bases their methods on catching serial killers on the ones that let themselves get caught. The truly fool proof and effective ways to get away with murder are still unknown and there are probably many serial killers getting away with murder because the procedure for murder investigations has not changed much in years. Learned this one watching Mindhunter.


"Think of someone..."

Think of someone you love but only see a few times a year.

Now take a guess at how many years until one of you dies.

How many more times in your lifetime are you going to see that person?

If you moved away from your parents and only see them 3 time a year and you expect them to live another 30 years, that's less than 100 times you will ever see them again.


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